Tealoca Milk and Teas

I used to be a coffee lover, until one day, I decided to start living healthy. Don’t get me wrong though, coffee isn’t bad for your health. In fact, I still do have my fix once in a while. However, too much caffeine can be threatening. I’m very sensitive to caffeine. I easily get palpitations whenever I try to jug down a strong coffee mix. That’s why I turned to the healthier side of things. I am now a coffee lover turned milk tea lover.My favorite milk tea fix is still and would always be 360 ° Hand Shaked Milk Tea, but every once in a while, I do entertain other brands such as Tealoca Milk and Teas.

Caramel Milk Tea: 85php (medium),  ChocolateMilk Tea: 90php (medium)

These are two of the many variants offered by Tealoca. The Caramel Milk Tea would have to be my favorite since the caramel jives well with the tea. The Chocolate Milk Tea, however, was just okay. I couldn’t get a chocolate taste out of it. Perhaps, it was overpowered by the tea. I like that the mixture is velvety smooth and well blended; you won’t feel powder residues. One thing I really love about Tealoca is that, their tapioca pearls are more chewy than 360 ° Hand Shaked Milk Tea. If you’re a huge fan of milk tea, then there’s no reason you wouldn’t love Tealoca.

See, this is the reason why I love milk teas. They’re rich with a lot of health benefits that keep your body sound and healthy. And although they still contain caffeine, it’s definitely way lesser than coffee. As philosophy would say it “always choose the lesser evil“. =)

Tealoca Milk and Teas is located at 4/F Gaisano Mall, Davao City.

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