Grab A Crab with Love

Yesterday, Yuan and I celebrated out 6th year together. I was supposed to attend a Max’s Bloggers event last night, thinking that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate due to busyness and stuff. But thank God, He made our simple dinner date possible. Oh how time flies. I could still remember those days when we were still these clingy youngsters with raging hormones. Ew, right? Now we just bully each other around.

Yuan: Pag gym na oi. (You need to start going to the gym!)
Me: Yeah! Pero kalaki ng tiyan mo, mag-jogging ka nga! (Yeah, but hey, your stomach is getting bigger, you should start jogging)

LOL! Anyway, enough of that.

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Going Korean With BonChon Chicken

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I went to visit BonChon Chicken at SM Davao Annex. I’ve read bad reviews about it, but like a curious cat, I tried it anyway. For this particular visit, we skipped rice because it was around 3pm. We weren’t in the mood for some heavy meal at that time.

Here’s what we got:

We sampled their Soy Garlic Chicken Sandwhich with Fries (125php). The serving isn’t too big, but my sister and I just shared the serving since we weren’t really hungry. I did not expect much due to the reviews I’ve read, but to my surprise, it’s actually not that bad. I understand why some people (Filipinos) say it’s not good, because well, the chicken is cooked the Korean way. Naturally, there needs to be some adjustment to something that is not our own. Anyway, for me, I liked the soy garlic chicken. It’s way better than Chicken Charlie . It’s not too savory, but I appreciate that the chicken patty is crispy outside and soft inside, not to mention generous amount per serving. I also like that the bread used for this particular sandwich is wheat bread. What’s healthy mommy?

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Mochiko Creative Japanese Desserts

Mochiko has offcially reached the shores of Davao City and I’m so glad they chose to have a counter at SM City Davao, which is roughly 10 minutes away from where I live. My sister and I tried it for the first time last week.A little history: The first Mochi Ice Cream I’ve ever tasted was from Mochi Creme and all the while I thought I’ve already tasted the best Mochi that ever existed on this planet (normal reaction for first timers, you get the deal), until I tasted Mochiko, that is.

Mochiko counter at SM City Davao, Annex Building

Mochiko is popular for its innovative and creative choice of flavors that come in 15 flavors to choose from. I must say, I wanna try all of them! One thing I noticed is that, the outer covering (sticky sweet rice) is a tad chewier and softer than mochi creme. Which means, it does not turn too solid and you could easily bite to it without worrying about losing your teeth. Like Mochi Creme, they’re also not too sweet, although I like Mochiko better.

My sister got the Oreo Cookies variant which is made of Cookies and Cream ice cream and a half  piece of Oreo Cookies laid at the bottom, as seen on the photo above. Well, expect an explosion of chocolate and creamy goodness from this variant. I had a bite, of course, and I like it!

As for me, I tried their Cookie Dough variant which is made of Vanilla Ice Cream and a big chunk of Cookies at the bottom. I have no idea what type of cookies was it, but I like it. I love the combination of the sweet rice and vanilla ice cream, they go well together.

I was also able to try their Strawberry Yogurt variant the other day, which I unfortunately don’t have a photo as I devoured it right away. I love the fact that you can very well distinguish the yogurt in it, and that they used real strawberry bits (something like Baguio’s famous Strawberry Jam, but less sweeter) rather than artificial strawberry syrup. I would really be disappointed if that would’ve been the case.

The cookie dough is by far, my favorite out of the three variants I’ve tried. Desserts are my weakness and Mochiko immediately went to my favorites’ list.

My sister and I devouring our Mochiko Fix!

Have you tried Mochiko yet?