No Room For Negativity

With the Philippine national elections coming in, social media is fast becoming a circus of self-proclaimed political analysts and self-righteous. If you’re a Filipino, you’ll agree with me that Facebook has become a repository of political warfare, debates, and whatnots. Add to that the stories from various media outlets that may or may not be biased towards a certain candidate.

Pro-Duterte Vs. Anti-Duterte

Just this morning, I woke up to a loud Facebook feed (and to think it was only six in the morning). The issue at hand: Presidentiable Mayor Duterte allegedly cursed the Pope for bringing suffering to the Filipino people during his recent visit in the country. This, of course, added fire to the on-going debate between Pro-Duterte and Anti-Duterte. It’s a mess, to be quite honest.

I am a Duterte supporter and a Catholic. I’ve read the story from different sources. Yes, what he said was unpleasant, but it was clearly taken out of context and has immaculately blown out of proportion.


Filtering Out the Negative

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