Red Mango Yogurt: Of Chocolate, Strawberry, and Almond Flakes

I love the fact that Davao City is now embracing the dessert culture, if I may put it that way. A lot of new food places around the metro are dedicated solely for those with sweet tooth. One of them is Red Mango, a dessert shop that offers frozen yogurt, waffles, coffee, and a lot of other sweet things. I’ve been there a couple of times already and today I’d like to share my favorite Red Mango Yogurt concoction.
Red Mango – Medium with 3 toppings (180php)

Whenever I’m at Red Mango, I always find myself picking strawberry and chocolate chips with either corn flakes or almond flakes. I do appreciate the fact that they use fresh strawberries rather than the processed ones. I love strawberries and it’s so rare to find fresh ones these days, unless I decide to spend a few bucks on those that can be bought in the grocery (which I don’t have time to do, by the way). I also like the fact that they use Hershey’s chocolate chips. Who doesn’t love Hershey’s anyway? The dark chocolate and strawberry goes well together, while the almond flakes add texture so that the yogurt has more bite to it. It’s best enjoyed with their famous flower-shaped bowl rather than the usual take-out cup. Just because.
Well it’s safe to say that Red Mango is probably my favorite yogurt places here in Davao. Not only do they serve fresh fruits and a lot of other variety of toppings, they also have quite a cozy environment, perfect for people who want to have some peace and quiet. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the place, but I’d describe it as something that would remind you of peaceful mornings in your bedroom as you eat your breakfast. At least that’s what I feel whenever I dine there; It might be different with you. But to say the least, the place is quite spacious with a warm ambiance. It’s never crowded, too. It could be because they’re quite pricey compared to most fro-yo places in town. This medium-sized tub with three toppings cost 180php. I could easily have the same serving at Tutti Frutti and it will only cost me 130php.
So yeah, if you want to indulge on frozen yogurt topped with fresh strawberries and you don’t mind the price, you know where to go.
Red Mango is located at 5th Floor, The Peak Gaisano Mall of Davao (beside Happy Lemon)

Yogo Frozen Yogurt: Comfort in a Tub

As a self-confessed dessert lover, it goes without saying that Frozen Yogurt is included in my list of favorite sweet things. I have this love affair with yogurt because not only they are delicious, they are also packed with a lot of health benefits. These include being an excellent source of antioxidant, helps lower cholesterol, and boosts immunity to name a few. Plus, what’s good for the internal body is generally good for the skin. Yay for that! One frozen yogurt indulgence that I have recently tried is Yogo by Coffee Cat.
Yogo Premium Frozen Yogurt – 115php/medium
I ordered a medium sized tub topped with Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Chips. This isn’t my usual concoction as I always go for corn flakes and mochi balls. Unfortunately, Yogo doesn’t have them, so I opted for the next best toppings, at least for me.
To be honest, I have been to almost all frozen yogurt shops in the city and for me, most if not all of them taste the same. The yogurt itself is a bit tangy,while the  flavors will depend on the toppings that you choose. But what I like about Yogo is 1.) They have a hot pink tub which is really good on pictures 2.) Their serving is plenty generous. As you can see on the photo above, the yogurt is already peeking through the rim, which goes to show that the tub is really filled up, and 3.) It’s cheaper than some froyo that I know. If not mistaken, this serving would already cost me around 135php in another brand.
I guess, my one and only complain is that, I wish they have more toppings to choose from. Nonetheless, like any other frozen yogurt I’ve tried, this one is surely a comfort in a tub! Yogurt generally makes me feel good simply because I know it’s friendly to my body.

Yogo is located at the 4th floor of Gaisano Mall Davao, Beside Extreme Cinema.