Cafe France: More Than Just A Coffee Shop

I was having a terrible toothache yesterday, but that did not stop me from attending the Cafe France Media Brunch. I’ve been stalking their website for days since I got the invitation from the Davao Bloggers. So yes, I cannot not go.

Cafe France has been around for years, but it is their first time to venture on a branch outside of Luzon. They are set to capture the hearts of Davaoeños with their opening of stores at the Manila Bulletin Bldg. Rizal Street, and at The Peak  and Upper Ground Floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao.
Cafe France is more than your usual coffee shop“, says Enya Baltazar, CF’s Business Head. “We go further by providing not only a place for a coffeebreak, but a hangout where people can relax, spend time with friends and family over good food any time of day“. Read More »

Starbucks Refreshers: Very Berry Hibiscus

I’ve been eating out a lot lately and of course, like a true blogger, I took every opportunity to take photos and blog about them. Anyway, I recently visited Starbucks and tried their newest offering, Very Berry Hibiscus.

Very Berry Hibiscus , Tall – 115php

At first I thought it was a fruit tea concoction, however, it tasted plain fruity. So no, it’s not tea. When I got home, I immediately Googled it and found out that it’s actually made with green coffee extract. What’s a Starbucks drink without coffee in it anyway.

As the name suggests, Very Berry Hibiscus is a mix of tangy Blackberry and Hibiscus with a boost of natural energy from Green Coffee Extract. I like it because I’m a fan of anything fruity. Plus, it’s really refreshing and a total thirst quencher; it reminds me of hot summer days — or Hawaii. It has bits of blackberry in it, which makes the drink pretty interesting. It’s actually my first time to try a Hibiscus drink (a.k.a Gumamela) and I am happy to report that it does not taste bitter or anything. Not that I’ve tasted raw Hibiscus flower before, It’s just that I have this thinking that flowers taste bitter and all. It claims to be a low-calorie beverage, too. My only note is that, I wish it tasted berry-er, if you know what I mean. =)

Starbucks Refreshers™ also come in Cool Lime. Do try them if you happen to pass by Starbucks.


I’m so glad Davao is fast becoming a cosmopolitan city. What with all the new malls, condominiums, and IT parks sprouting everywhere, my beloved city has nowhere else to go but up. Speaking of new malls, SM Davao recently opened their Annex building to the public, and with it came new restaurants to impress Davaoeno’s palates. One of them is SumoSam.

I had the chance to try it the other day when my sister and I got tired from walking and walking around the mall. No, actually we weren’t tired, we were just looking for a reason to dine at SumoSam since we’ve been eyeing on it since its soft opening at SM Davao Annex a few weeks ago. Read More »

Starbucks (and what’s the deal about it)

I have this thinking that Starbucks is just an overrated, overpriced coffee shop fitted for people who want to put the “high” in their class. Turned out, I was wrong. Well sure, it’s for people with quite a dime to spare, but it’s also for people like me, who’s willing to go beyond the budget for an amazing gastronomic feast.
Last Saturday, my sister and I went for an early stroll around China Town (in search of the infamous Vivienne Westwood wedges). We found it, but now we’re having second thoughts. It’s practicality versus going with the trend. You know what I’m saying?  ANYWAY, After drenching with heat and exhaustion, we decided to treat ourselves with Starbucks, SM City Davao branch.