Cookie the Hedgehog


I have a new friend and she’s kinda spiky!

Last week, my husband went to UP Los Baños for a seminar for DepEd teachers. He met with my cousin (and kababata) who works there as a Research Biologist. He has a few hedgehogs and was kind enough to give one to me as a belated birthday gift.

When he told me he was going to give me a hedgehog, I was hesitant because Read More »

Welcome Home, Coconut!

black and white puppy

I thought that after losing Toytits, my 5-month old puppy, I would never have the courage to have another pet again. After all, the experience was pretty traumatic for me. I got so attached with the little pup, that I cried for several days after he passed away. I still miss him and I feel like I’m not yet ready to have a dog again. ButRead More »