Life Lately

Warning! Emotional dump ahead! 

Going through a huge hurdle in the beginning of the year was tough. I welcomed the new year with high hopes and a fresh start, only to be dragged down the pit 18 days later. I tried to keep myself busy; if only to conceal the longing I have inside. I got too busy, that at some point,  I felt like it was draining the life out of me.

On the outside, It seems like I’m okay and that I have fully adjusted to the “new normal”. But inside, I know something in me will never be the same. I lost a part of me that I know I’ll never get back. They say  people who laugh and smile a lot are the saddest people. I never really truly understood that, until one day, I found myself smiling through the palpable pain. It may not be true all the time, but at the moment, it is my reality. Most days, I wake up, smile, and just hope for the best.

I am all over the place, I know, but I am far from being cynical. I still have a life ahead of me. So here I am, slowly trying to get back on track. After all, it’s only been six months since I lost my sister.Read More »

A Retrospect on the Year that was 2016

2016 was all sorts of crazy for me and it wasn’t an easy feat. There were a lot of challenges and roadblocks along the way – each of them pushed me to my limits and made me question every decision I made. But in retrospect, I would say it was one of my best years yet.


On my personal life

They say all wounds heal in God’s time and I couldn’t agree more. 2016 was my year of healing. I have made a lot of failed decisions in the past. I’ve done things that did not only hurt other people, but myself as well. I wasRead More »

It’s the Little Things

Wrote this ages ago from a now non-existent blog. Publishing it today because…it’s that joy of finding an old piece and realizing you have that literary bone in you. 

stroll by the beach

It’s the 15-minute solitary moment that you spend in bed just after waking up, breathing in the fresh air coming through your sun-lit window.

It’s the unexpected phone call of sweet nothings you get in the middle of a busy work day.

It’s finding a half-empty pint of ice cream in the fridge right after soaking up under the scorching heat of the sun.

It’s catching him staring at you while you paint your nails. And when he realizes you’re staring back, he smiles and looks away.

It’s the mini-heart attack you get after knowing the pair of shoes you’ve been lusting for months is finally on sale.

It’s having a relaxing bubble bath after a grueling day at work.

It’s flipping the last page of a book that broke your heart into a million little pieces, but left you smiling anyway.

It’s the butterflies you get in your stomach just by thinking about that fun time you had with your special someone.

It’s the satisfaction you get after giving in to your cravings.

It’s finding that little thing – a valuable key chain, maybe – that you’ve lost for years and realizing it was in your drawer all along.

It’s receiving little rewards – a bar of chocolate, maybe – for a job well done.

It’s spending a rainy day in bed with your loved one, watching a movie you’ve already watched a gazillion times, but still watch it anyway because it’s the unlimited cuddles that you’re actually up for.

It’s doing absolutely nothing and feel glorious about it.

It’s the little things. The little things that make us smile in spite of and despite of.