A Luxury Getaway at Pearl Farm Beach Resort

One of the perks of residing in Davao City is the convenience of living just a stone’s throw away from Samal Island. If I want to take a quick break from the city life, I can easily hop on a boat, travel for 15 minutes (at the very least),  and enjoy the glistening white sand & pristine waters of the island.

pearl farm beach resort

Case in point:

A few weeks ago, in the middle of a busy week, I found myself being whisked away to one of the best beaches in Samal Island – the Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Located 40 minutes away from Davao City, this luxurious beach resort used to be an air-lifter of 12,000 oysters cultivated for their pink, white, and gold pearls. In 1980’s, the Floriendo family acquired the property and turned it into a haven for recreation. They named it Pearl Farm Beach Resort to pay homage to its humble beginning as a home to oysters living throughout the waters of the island.

pearl farm beach resort

Pearl Farm is now fully developed, giving not only leisure and recreation, but also a world-class luxury experience that’s worth every penny.

Malipano Island

malipano island villa

We only had 24 hours to enjoy the island, but the experience was nothing short of extravagant. As soon as we arrived at the main island, we were greeted by their warm staff who offered refreshments to welcome the guests. After a quick orientation, we sailed to the nearby Malipano Island and settled into our private villa. I believe there are a total of six Malipano Villas, but during our stay, the other villas were not occupied. Other than the staff, we practically had the island all to ourselves.

masters bedroom malipano villa


We stayed at a three-storey villa, but technically, there are only two floors; the second floor is just a mezzanine with a full bathroom. It comes with three bedrooms that can accommodate up to 14 people, a spacious lounge, and a mini kitchen & dining area. Situated right above the sea, the villa showcases a stunning view of the island, giving us the perfect backdrop for our plandid OOTD’s. =P

Main Island

Come nightfall, we sailed back to the main island where a lovely boodle fight set-up by the beach was specially prepared for us. Our tummies enjoyed the freshest seafood and delectable desserts. We then headed back to our villa right after dinner to enjoy a fun albeit sober night. ^_^

The next day, we again sailed to the main island to have our breakfast buffet. I was delighted with the food selection as there were a good mix of Filipino and Continental breakfast food. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the buffet spread because “food is life, yo!”.


After breakfast, my co-bloggers did some water activities like paddle boarding and kayaking, and of course, they also enjoyed swimming in the pool.

By 1PM, it was time for us to leave the island. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, but with good company, no time is ever wasted.  Our escape might be short and sweet, but we all left with happy hearts and rejuvenated souls.

How to Get to Pearl Farm

Head over to the Pearl Farm Marina located at Sasa, Davao City. Once you’ve arranged your booking, a boat will take you from the Marina to Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

For inquiries:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PearlFarm/ 

Website: http://www.pearlfarmresort.com/

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