Photo Diary: Take me back to Boracay

Nope, this is not yet another how-to-get-to-Boracay post. I won’t even attempt. What this is, is a cure to my longing and separation anxiety to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Boracay.


I was cleaning out my hard drive when I stumbled upon my Boracay folder. It’s hard not to miss this beautiful paradise, and to think, I’ve had my qualms and reservations about visiting this place. Yes, it took me years to finally decide to book a ticket to Boracay, because I hesitated. Crowded beaches do not really appeal to me. But when I finally saw a glimpse of the pristine water and fine white sand, I immediately threw all my doubts out of the window.


Boracay is indeed popular for a reason. Yes, it is crowded. Yes, it is teeming with people from all walks of life. Yes, about half of their guests are foreigners. At one point, I even asked myself “Nasa Pilipinas pa ba ako (Am I still in the Philippines?)“. But the island is just as majestic as they say it is; beautiful is truly an understatement.


Even though the island is too mainstream, I understand why people flock to this beach. There is a lot to see here, but just walking the long stretch of the white beach is enough for you to fall in love. My favorite activity during our stay was definitely chilling at the beach front and admiring the scenery.

Some people travel half way across the world to visit the island, and yet here I am, just a plane ride and a 6-hour drive away. How lucky am I that I live here in the Philippines?


Please, universe, give me a ticket  back to this paradise! ❤


Share your thoughts! :)

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