Selfie Expert OPPO F1s Arrives in PH

Smartphones have definitely come a long way! From a mere medium of communication, it has now transformed into an all-in-one gadget that allows you to call & text, track your schedules, listen to music, check your emails, and of course take photos and videos. And now that we are in the ultimate age of selfies, it is paramount to have a phone that captures high quality photos, anytime, anywhere.


A few weeks ago,I attended the launch of OPPO F1s roadshow here in Davao, held at the White House Restaurant. Here’s what you need to know about OPPO F1sRead More »

10 Random Facts About The Life Chaser


  1. I’m an Ambivert. I’m usually quiet and timid, but when I am surrounded by people who love to talk  about anything and everything under the sun, I come out of my shell and join the fun. Shout out to my DBS Fam! But there are also times when I just want to be alone and shut everybody out. Dining out at a resto and watching movies alone? That’s my jam!
  2. I’m a huge SIMS gamer. It’s the only game I’ve played from the first release down to the latest one, which is SIMS 4. I love it becauseRead More »