Basic Baking Workshop at the Philippine Baking Institute

I grew up with a mom who loves to bake. When I was still a kid, she would always bake me a chocolate cake covered with colorful sugar icing for my birthday. As I grew older, I eventually sparked the same passion and I am now whipping up experimental baked goodies in my own kitchen. It comes without saying that baking has been one of those things I enjoy doing. That’s why when the Philippine Baking Institute Davao invited some bloggers for a 1-day bread and pastry workshop, I did not hesitate to join.

philippine baking institute davao

During the lecture part of the workshop, we learned about the science behind bread and pastry making. It’s amazing how much science goes into making breads.  Although for the most part, the lecture sounded too technical for most of us, I actually taught it was fascinating. Sure, it was a lot to take in, but interesting nonetheless.

baking ingredients

Everybody’s favorite part was obviously the actual baking. We made Loaf Bread, Sweet Dough, and the classic Pan de Sal. And mind you, we made the loaf bread dough by hand and it was no joke. We probably spent about an hour kneading the dough. Talk about arms workout! As for the pastries, we made brownies, butterscotch, and pineapple tart.

breads and pastries

After the workshop, I was truly inspired to practice more at home. In fact, I’m actually thinking of enrolling myself in one of their basic courses, but I have yet to find time for it. Hopefully, in the near future, if my work schedule permits.

davao bloggers

What is Philippine Baking Institute?

Philippine Baking Institute is a premier institute and TESDA accredited training center, offering you a unique opportunity to learn the art & science of baking.  It is owned and operated by people who have been active in the baking industry as bakery operators.

Programs they offer include: 

12-Months Program

  • Professional Certificate in Baking Science
  • Professional Certificate in Bakery Management

6-Months Program

  • Certificate in Baking & Pastry Arts
  • Certificate in Baking & Pastry Arts Management
  • Bread & Pastry Production NCII

Short Courses

  • 3-Day Cake Decorating & Fondant Art
  • 2-Day Sugar Flower Workshop
  • 1-Day Bread Workshop
  • 1-Day Puff Pastries & Pate a Choux Workshop
  • 1-Day Applied Bakery Mathematics
  • 1-Day Cakes & Frostings Workshop
  • 1-Day Bars & Cookies Workshop
  • 1-Day Fried & Steamed Products Workshop
  • 1-Day Dessert, Chocolate Art & Presentation
  • 1-Day Bread Troubleshooting Workshop

Visit Philippine Baking Institute is located a Ecoland Drive, Matina, Davao City.

Telephone: (082) 286-8552, 09176847538, 09229145293

For more information, visit:

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