SMART Summerfrolic 2016: The One Where I Try to Party

I’m not a party goer. I’m that kind of girl who would rather stay in on a Saturday night and drown myself with flicks. I don’t have much to say about my “nightlife” other than maybe getting my first taste of alcohol on a Kadayawan night and finding myself vomiting at the gate of our house. I woke up with a bad headache and a realization that I will never be friends with that kind of “life”. But when I was offered the chance to go to the Summerfrolic, I surprised myself by saying yes!


So, there I was, a socially awkward girl dancing in a sea of party people past my bedtime. I danced to the beat, got covered with foam, had a few drinks and found myself enjoying every bit of it. I figured, it wasn’t too bad.

With my fellow Davao Bloggers and the SMART Digital Team

Okay, I have to be honest here. Part of the reason why I agreed to attend Summerfrolic was because I wanted to see Dahican. It has always been in my bucketlist, but for so many reasons, going on a trip to Mati has been pushed at the back burner one too many times. I couldn’t blame myself for immediately grabbing the opportunity to visit.

At Mati Baywalk , which was just a stone’s throw away from where we were staying.

We spent two days in Mati. On the 2nd day, my fellow bloggers and I went to Menzi beach (a.k.a went to tick Dahican beach off my bucketlist). It was as picturesque as I imagined it to be – fine white sand, pristine blue waters, and huge waves that I don’t often see in most beaches that I usually visit. I wanted to stay longer and bask under the sun, but it was already late when we went there.


(c) Josef Cagas

To cap off my first Summerfrolic experience, I witnessed my first fireworks display in more than 10 years. I realized I’ve been living in Davao City for so long that even simple fireworks leave me feeling amazed.


It’s definitely an experience I will never forget. Shout out to the SMART Digital Team for having me! 🙂

sleeping dinosaur Mati
Because it ain’t a visit to Mati without a souvenir photo with the Sleeping Dinosaur. Shhhh!! (photo by: Josef Cagas)




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