Spontaneous Road Trip to BUDA

For the longest time, I’ve been bugging my husband to go to Seagull Mountain Resort in BUDA (Bukidnon-Davao Road). We couldn’t find the right time because both of us are busy with work and other adult stuff. I almost thought we won’t be able to push through this holiday break,  but yesterday (on the first day of 2016), on our way home from the New Year mass, the husband spontaneously decided to go. Of course, the child in me was giddy because finally – wish granted!



Seagull Mountain Resort is located along Bukidnon-Davao road, which is roughly around 2 hours away from Davao City. The reason why I’ve always wanted to go here is because of the scenery and weather. Since the resort is located 4,000 ft. above sea level, the temperature can get really cold, making it the perfect escape from Davao City’s humid weather.

bukidnon davao


The view and scenery, as expected, is truly breathtaking. I used to only lust over photos that I see online, and now, I’ve finally captured them with my own naked eyes.

buda seagull mountain


seagull mountain resort

We weren’t able to explore as much as we wanted to because we only took a daytour and it was raining. The rain really was a real bummer! I also wanted to try the famous suman at tsokolate, but the cafe was jampacked with people who were also trying to wait the rain out. It was a slight disappointment, but I guess, this only gives me more reasons to come back, soon hopefully! 🙂

seagull mountain

seagull resort


the life chaser in buda


How to Get There:

From the Ecoland Terminal, ride a Cagayan-Bukidnon bus. The resort is just located along the highway, so it’s easy to spot. If you’re still unsure, just tell the driver to drop you off at Seagull Mountain Resort.

Entrance Fees and Accomodation Rates:

Gazebo (4 persons): 2,500.00
Condo Unit 1 (4 persons): 2,500.00
Condo Unit 2 (5 persons): 3,000.00
Condo Unit 3 (2 persons): 1,700.00
Condo Unit 4 (4 persons): 3,000.00
Eliza 1 (4 persons): 3,850.00
Eliza 2 (4 persons): 5,500.00
Eliza 3 (4 persons): 2,500.00
Log Cabin 1,2,3 & 4 (3 persons): 2,400.00
ESD Room (4 persons): 2,500.00
Duplex Room (3 persons): 2,750.00

White House :

Upper House (8 persons): 3,500.00
Master’s Room (6 persons): 3,100.00
Side Room (2 persons): 950.00

Lower House (4 persons): 3,100.00
350.00/head in excess of capacity

Campsite Area 1:

Campsite 1-8 (3 persons): 750.00
Campsite 9-11 (6 persons): 1,200.00

Campsite Area 2:

Pine Tent (3 persons): 800.00
Gemilina Tent (3 persons): 800.00
Mahogany Tent (3 persons): 800.00
Blue Big Tent (with 2 side-rooms; 4 persons): 2,000

Tent Pitching:

Small (3 persons): 500.00
Big (6 persons): 1,000.00

*Campsite Area with common T & B and outdoor grill
*150/head in excess of capacity
*Rates include use of open huts, swimming pool & waterfalls pools

Day Tour:

Adult: 150.00/head
Child (7 years old & below): 65.00/head

buda resort

3 thoughts on “Spontaneous Road Trip to BUDA

  1. Hi i am really interested in going to this place but i have qualms primarily because we don’t have a car. Getting there is easy since we only need to ride the bukidnon bus. My problem is about going home. Is it easy to catch a ride from seagull to davao? Hope you could help. Thanks!


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