Freebie Friday: Paisley Coloring Pages

Adult coloring books are fast becoming a trend these days and I, myself, have been wanting to get my hands on one. Unfortunately, they’re not yet available locally, at least from where I live. To relieve my eagerness to color, I went online and printed a couple of coloring pages that were available for download. But of course, being the crafty person that I am, I wanted to try creating my own.

It’s so fun creating all these patterns on Photoshop and I must say, making them is just as therapeutic as coloring. I’ve made a couple of coloring pages already and I’m sharing some of them with you.

paisley coloring page 1
Here’s a sample, which I colored digitally.

I have here 3 paisley patterns with quotes on them. I chose to add some of my favorite quotes. This is my way of inspiring people to always think positive. I hope by printing and coloring these pages, I could make your day more colorful, literally and figuratively.


Took me forever to finish them, but I’m so happy with how they turned out. Here’s how it looks like when printed.


Aaahh! This just makes me giddy all over! Do let me know if you download and color them. I’d love to see your works. Tag me on instagram: @astoldbyjulz

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