Here’s Why I’m Travel Hungry


When I was 18, I had a journal that kept all my dreams and aspirations. One of those dreams was to travel..a lot. It doesn’t matter where – be it another country or just another city. I just wanted to go out there, see new places, learn new cultures, and widen my horizon. I even remember creating a timeline; that when I finish school, I will go out and explore this ginormous world. It was so ambitious that it scared me.

And then life happened…

After college, I had to work and help send my younger sister to school and back then, I was only earning minimum. Even at the height of seat sales, I couldn’t fit my sister’s tuition fee and a discounted plane ticket into my paycheck. Also, I could not, in my best conscience, prioritize my own guilty pleasure because no matter what happens, family always comes first. That’s just me.

And then, I found another job that paid more and even gave me more flexibility in the way I live my life. Being a fulltime VA, I get to work from home, and even though I am on a strict 8-4 schedule, I still get more freedom than I could have in a corporate setting. It was the best time to follow my timeline…or so I thought.

Somewhere between working and dreaming, I’ve hit a plateau. I became so workaholic that I forgot to chase my dream to travel. Despite earning more than I hoped for, I still haven’t traveled as much as I thought I would have at this point. I always make plans, but they almost always end up at the back burner waiting to get so burned, turn to ashes and vanish.

But things are different now. Somehow, I have been slowly ticking off my dream destinations off my bucket list. My hunger for traveling is too assertive now that I easily get frustrated whenever a scheduled travel is deferred. It annoys the heck out of me especially when something has been rescheduled one too many times, and God forbid, we’re nearing zombie apocalypse and it hasn’t happened yet.

I wish I could just be that kind of person who’s always ready to go anytime, because seriously, that would make my life so much easier. But that’s not my reality.  Also, I am the kind of person who likes to travel with people…people I care for the most. Unfortunately, things doesn’t always go as planned.

But not anymore. Today, I have decided, it’s about time to give myself what I’ve always wanted and the only way to satisfy this hunger, is to just go at it in full speed and never look back.

Some people’s dreams are different from our dreams. There are those who aim to climb the corporate ladder. Others covet for a doctorate degree. Me? I only want simple things. I just want to learn more about life. Learn about what it’s like to be in other places. I want to immerse myself in other people’s culture and bask in the glory of the Lord’s greatest masterpiece. I work to survive. But to actually live in the moment? Well,that’s just far more valuable than all the money you could get in a lifetime.

Life is too short to be consumed with work. As the old saying goes, “the world is my oyster”.  There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered. I wouldn’t want to one day sit on a rocking chair with gray hair and wrinkled skin and look back to the things I regret. I already have too many regrets in my cup. I have no plans  adding more to that.

Note to self: Just do it! 


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