K1 Davao: More Than Just Family KTV

K1 Family KTV has been one of my favorite karaoke bars in Davao because of their affordable rates and delicious food. When I was still working in the corporate world, I remember going there with my colleagues to sing our hearts out and de-stress after a busy work day.

A few years ago with my former colleagues. Hi, Flexmerchant peeps!
Circa 2010 with my former colleagues. Hi, Flexmerchant peeps!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I, together with my blogger friends, met with the owner of K1 Davao, Ms. Cha Lim,  to talk about the services and facilities they offer. K1 Davao has been around for years  and it’s good to know that they continue to innovate and respond to the Davaoeños needs for fun and relaxation.

k1 ktv
The biggest KTV room can accommodate up to 30 people.

Aside from their famous KTV rooms, did you know that they also have a restaurant and spa? Yes, they actually have a restaurant area for those who just want to have a nice meal without really having to pay for a KTV room.

KTV Restaurant

We were treated to a sumptuous dinner and had a taste of some of their bestsellers. They offered fried chicken, stirred veggies, soup, lechon kawali, and beef salpicao, which by the way, is my personal favorite.

k1 davao beef salpicao
Beef Salpicao: tender, well-seasoned, and has just the right amount of heat. I’m not a huge fan of beef dishes, but this one immediately went to my book of favorites.

Karaoke Time!

After dinner, we headed to one of their KTV rooms and sang to our hearts’ delight. I’m a certified karaoke monster, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sing as much as I can because I was sick that night. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed singing along with my Davao blogger friends.

k1 davao bloggers
Davao Bloggers having fun!

We also had the chance to enjoy Kinect. I’d usually bail out from anything that requires dancing, but I did show off my moves and enjoyed it even with my persistent asthma.

K1 Spa

private massage room
private massage room

We ended the night at the spa where each of us tried the different spa services they offer. I went with the Special Foot Scrub, which I have to say, was one of the best I’ve tried. It was slightly challenging though because my therapist was a male and his hands were rather heavy. I had to bury my face under the blanket a couple of times to conceal my giggles. What can I say? My feet are ticklish! It was worth it in the end because I went home with shiny, pretty feet.

So, there you go. If you happen to visit k1 Davao, be sure to try out and enjoy  their other facilities.

Visit them at:

K1 Family KTV
Torres Street, Davao City, Davao del Sur
(082) 227 6081

K1 Spa & Cafe
Ecoland, Davao City

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