Giveaway: Signed Copy of Besties By Solenn Huessaff and Georgina Wilson + More

Update: I recently attended the Besties Book Launch here in Davao, and guess who signed the book? None other than the Besties themselves! 🙂 

besties book by solenn and georgina

That’s me looking at the camera, because duh, I love my camera! LOL!


There’s still time to join this giveaway, you guys! 🙂 

Hi, everyone! I’m starting this week on a positive note by hosting a giveaway! Yay?

If you’re a follower of this blog, then you’ve probably noticed the change in url. Yes, it’s now running on a new domain and I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ve wanted to do this for some time now, but I’ve been putting it aside for fear that I might not be able to maintain it as much as I do with my other blog.

Most people know me as the beauty blogger behind As Told By Julz, but while I do love sharing my beauty adventures, it only accounts for 10% of my life and there’s a whole world of stuff that I do on the other side of my vanity table; things that I hope to share with you through this blog. Hopefully, this new domain will keep me inspired.


And so to celebrate this milestone, I’m giving away a Besties Book by Solenn Huessaff and Georgina Wilson. Who knows, maybe we can be online besties in the future, yes?

I’m also throwing in this cute I Love Paris pouch and I filled it up with a couple of goodies inside – a postage memo pad, a set of metallic gel pens, and a set of neon markers (These are dual ended, by the way. One end is a highlighter, while the other is a regular marker)

the life chaser giveaway

If this is something you’d like to win, click the button below to go to the rafflecopter form:


Giveaway will end on August 24, 2015. Open to Philippine residents only! 

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