Freebie Friday: Rosetta Shabby Chic Digital Scrapbook Paper

Hi, everyone! I am starting this series called “Freebie Friday”. This is basically where I give out free stuff for everyone to download; mostly digital scrapbooking things such as elements, stickers, buttons, and scrapbook paper that you can either use digitally or print to use for a physical scrapbook.

A Little Sidenote

You may not know this about me, but I am a huge scrapbook nerd. I fell in love with it as I think it is such a fun way to preserve memories with a creative flare. I used to hoard a lot of scrapbook papers back in the day, until I learned how to create patterned papers using Adobe Photoshop – all thanks to YouTube! Since then, I would simply create and print a pattern that I like to use in one of my scrapbooking projects. I do enjoy creating  scrapbook papers and I would really love to share them with you!

Rosetta Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is definitely a favorite theme of mine, so it’s only fitting to share this Rosetta Shabby Chis scrapbook paper set for my first “Freebie Friday.” This reminds me of a cozy afternoon tea in the middle of a rose garden. Don’t you agree?

shabby chic scrapbook paper

Each pattern has a standard 12″x 12″ size with 300 DPI.  Click the button below to download the entire set. 


Here’s an example of how I used one of the papers. This is a digital version, but I’ve also printed this design on a heavy duty construction paper.

scrapbook paper sample
Isn’t she the cutest thing? ^_^

Do note that if you’re going to print the patterns, the colors may change depending on the kind of printer and the quality of paper that you use.

And there you have it! What do you think of  digital scrapbook papers? Is scrapbooking something that you also enjoy doing?

Share your thoughts! :)

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