5 Movies I’ve Watched Over and Over Again Because

When my husband and I were still dating, our weekends spelled m-o-v-i-e-s. Be it a stay in movie marathon or a trip to the movie house, watching new film releases has been our default dating activity. Now that we live under one roof, our movie bonding just continue to persist – it’s become a hard habit to break.

But of course, as individual movie junkies, we do have reservations. He does have a list of movies that he likes that I’m not necessary a fan of. You know those 300-ish, Greek wars kind of movies? I mean they’re great, right? But I just can’t get comfortable with a popcorn on that. As for me, I do have my list too that he clearly despise. If I want him out of the room, all I need to do is pull ranks and watch chick flicks!

Anyway, I feel like sharing some of my all time favorite movies; so much that they’ve become like second language to me. Here’s five films that I’ve watched over and over again.

dead poets society meme

5. Dead Poets Society

“Carpe Diem. Sieze the day!”

What made me fall in love with this movie is the fact that poetry is neatly laid on a silver platter. I’m not necessarily the most poetic person on the planet, but I do like me some good poetry. I love listening to a beautiful story orchestrated through fancy words. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s played by the great Robin Williams. When the news about his passing came out, I curled up on my bed and watched this film. I cry every time I watch it, but that night, I cried the hardest.

mean girls meme

4. Mean Girls

“You’re so fetch!”

Who could forget that line? If I were tall, and blonde, and mean, I could cast in a Mean Girls play and throw my lines without rehearsing it. I know this movie like the back of my hand and I’m not even ashamed of it. This, for me, is just the ultimate girl revolution film. I mean, let’s be honest – we all love some blonde wars once in while. So, where you at? Team Cady or Team Regina? All Hail Queen B!

juno movie meme

3. Juno 

“I’m already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could I get into?”

There’s so many things I love about this film, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you do. So Juno MacGuff – a sharp-tongued teenager who decides to take control of her pregnancy rather than feeling sorry for herself and being so emo about the whole situation. She’s smart and I like how she commands her life despite her carrying a 10-pound bun in her belly. I believe girls who are experiencing teenage pregnancy can learn a lot from her – that getting knocked up at an early age is never a reason to stop living. That unplanned pregnancy can just be a bump on the road and there’s a humane way out of it. Juno here made some drastic decisions for her baby, but in the end,  it was all for the best. What I really like about this film is that, it’s so straightforward – no drama, no detours. It’s plain and simple but makes a lot of sense.

fat amy

2. Pitch Perfect  (and possibly Pitch Perfect 2)

” You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave.”

Because duh? Fat Amy! How can you not love her? She’s like the funniest, cuddliest, wittiest Australian actress you’ll ever meet. Aside from that, I’m a chorister myself, so I do enjoy movies that feature aca-awesome choirs. Their song arrangements never fail to put me on a high. I mean, I’m not married to a musician for nothing! 🙂

sex and the city - carrie

1. Sex and City 1 and 2 (and seasons 1 to 6 of the TV series)

” I can never be the girl who wears white and not spill on it”

I am very vocal about the fact the Sex and City is and forever will be my favorite series and movie franchise of all time. I like it not because of the sex, but because of the fact that the story puts women empowerment in the spotlight. The four lead characters show how powerful women can be when we recognize our worth and learn how to use it to our own advantage. The witty conversations about men, love, & sex, the shoes, the clothes, the girls, the fifth lady which is New York city. I mean, c’mon, what’s not to love?

So there. If you notice, I’m not much into romantic films. I don’t know. I feel like such films put me in a large bowl of cheesy awkwardness and I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong though, I do enjoy these type of films sometimes. But let’s just say, they’re not particularly my favorite.

Now it’s your turn. Name 5 of your favorite movies that you’ve watched over and over again. Comment them down below! 🙂

Share your thoughts! :)

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