DIY Love: Red and Gold Christmas Tree

I had a great time last weekend. I attended a food and beauty event, spent time for music, and for the first time, I assembled my very own Christmas tree!

I lived with my parents for 27 years. All those years, I have never once took charge of decorating the house with Christmas-y stuff.  I know, right? But now that I am married and about to start a family of my own, it’s my turn to roll up my sleeves and start decorating.

red christmas ball ornament

I decided to get a medium-sized, green Christmas tree even though I wanted a white one. I figured green is more practical because it’s more realistic and it won’t get filthy as much as white ones do. I went for a red and gold theme for this year, because, I’m classic like that.

red and gold Christmas decoration

I found a lot of beautiful designs on Pinterest, but in the end, I just went with my imagination. I love how the poinsettias gave the tree a sophisticated touch. I went with simple ornaments because I want the flowers to stand out. I’m really happy with how my tree turned out to be – definitely way better than I imagined.

Christmas tree red and gold

Oh, I’d like to mention that I went for the washable type of Christmas tree. Even though it’s a bit expensive than those cheap ones (which I honestly don’t recommend), it’s still a practical buy because you can wash it and re-use it for years and years to come. My mom has one exactly like this and it still look as good as new after 28 years (she bought it when I was still a baby). 

If you’re interested in putting your own Christmas tree just like this, here’s a breakdown on how much I spent for this little guy:

4ft Washable Christmas Tree – P1,695
Medium sized circle ornaments [red and gold] – P70 (pack of 12) x 2 = P140
Small sized circle ornament [gold] – P55 (pack of 12)
Red embellished circle ornament – P65 (pack of 12)
Small embellished ornament – P45 (pack of 12) x 2 = P90
Gold Poinsettia – P9 x 5 = P45
Red Poinsettia – P9 x 5 = P45
Red and Gold Poinsettia – P24 x 5 = P120
Star – P25
Christmas Light 9ft – P95

TOTAL = P 2, 375

Everything was purchased at Gaisano Mall of Davao, Atrium. 

Not that bad, right? Considering that you can always re-use everything. Next on my list – Christmas Wreath! 🙂

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Post photos of your tree down in the comments, I’d love to see them! 🙂

Share your thoughts! :)

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