J.CO Donuts and Coffee, Now in Davao!

Doughnuts are the things sweet dreams are made of. They’re one of those pretty indulgences that make life sweeter and colorful. And just when you think you already have so much doughnut options, come another wave of colorful treats to delight your cravings. Enter J.Co Donuts & Coffee!

jaco donuts and coffee logo

Davaoeños have waited long enough to have easy access to the now famous J.Co Donuts. The long wait has come to an end as J.Co finally arrived in the Crown Jewel of Mindanao.

What started out as a concept by Indonesian entrepreneur Johnny Andrean with a first branch in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2005, J.CO Donuts and Coffee has since opened up branches in Malaysia and Singapore with the first Philippine branch opening last 2012. With its most recent venture into the south’s urban metropolis, J.CO is sure to mark another milestone as it continues to be Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing coffee chain.

The store opened its doors last November 6, 2014 at Abreeza Mall where they reciprocated the warm welcome with  surprise giveaways of free donuts for the first 50 customers of its newest store.

jco abreez mall davao
Inside J.Co Abreeza Mall Davao during the opening

Davaoeños can now find themselves enjoying and indulging in the unique and dynamic J.CO lifestyle concept with a fully innovative range of donuts showing off with their quirky names, full-bodied and comforting cups of J.COFFEE beverages, and cool, fresh servings of J.CO’s very own J.COOL frozen yogurt.

jco mugs

Senses were filled with the enticing aroma of freshly-made donuts and the energizing scents of hand-crafted coffees and beverages. Bestsellers and favorites like the Alcapone, white Belgian chocolate with sliced roasted Californian almonds on top of J.CO’s signature soft-bite donut, and the Jcoccino, J.CO’s signature cappuccino, made their presence known at every table as skilled bakers churned them out by the dozen and the baristas brewed away at the coffee bar.

Some outtakes during the donuts and coffee tasting session with the Davao Bloggers

jco alcapone
Alcapone | J.Co’s Best Seller
Jcoccino | J.Co’s signature Coffee.
JCo Iced Chocolate
J.Co Iced Chocolate

There you go! Visit their store at Abreeza Mall and have your J.Co fix today! 🙂

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