Cookie the Hedgehog


I have a new friend and she’s kinda spiky!

Last week, my husband went to UP Los Baños for a seminar for DepEd teachers. He met with my cousin (and kababata) who works there as a Research Biologist. He has a few hedgehogs and was kind enough to give one to me as a belated birthday gift.

When he told me he was going to give me a hedgehog, I was hesitant because 1.) I don’t know how to take care of such specie and 2.) Not sure if I could get along with those quills (spine). But I said yes anyway because it’s a sweet gesture and you can’t just say no to anything given by someone close to your heart, right?

My husband came home last Sunday with this little, spiky creature in tow! Isn’t she cute?  The first time I tried to hold her, she curled up like a ball with her spines erected (Think blowfish). If you’re asking if the quills  hurt? Yes, a little. I’ve read that it takes some time for a hedgehog to get comfortable with human contact. I’ve handled her everyday and so far, she no longer curls up whenever I pick her up. My cousin said hedgehogs could be friends with dogs, but Coco and Cookie have yet to establish that kind of relationship. Coco wants to bite her all the time!

Hedgehogs are pretty low maintenance, which I like. Cookie’s diet only includes high protein cat food and water…lots of water! She’s asleep during the day (they’re nocturnal) and very much awake during the night. I have yet to set-up a home for her where she can freely roam around and feel comfortable, but safe and high enough so that she can’t escape. I’ve researched quite a few ideas and have listed down some things that I have yet to buy.

I am still open for more suggestions. So if  you know any, feel free to comment down below. Also, if you have tips and tricks on how to properly care for hedgehogs, I’d open both my ears and listen! 🙂



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