Julie Cooks: I Poached an Egg and I Like it

poached egg

I used to think that poaching an egg was too easy. After all, you only need a (semi) boiling water, a spoonful of vinegar, and fresh eggs. I thought that once you throw in the egg into the pot, it miraculously turns into a perfectly poached egg. For someone who doesn’t really know how to cook, I’m quite assuming, don’t you think? But you see, when I got married, I challenged my non-existent cooking skill.

My first try was a disaster. Of course, I am not highly gifted. Can you picture out how a boiled scrambled egg looks like? Well that’s how mine turned out. I didn’t take a photo of it, because hello? Who would? I still ate it though and it tasted like, well, overcooked egg. But since only losers give up, I tried and tried and tried again until I perfected the art of poaching an egg.

Now, you can debate with me on how you would define a perfect poached egg, but I do believe this one is subjective. Meaning, it all depends on your personal preference. I know some people who want their egg bursting like lava when you cut through it, but for me, a perfectly poached egg would be firm on the outside, soft (but not runny) inside.

poached eggs

This is how I usually prepare mine. Once my eggs are done, I season ’em with a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. I then grab a couple of toasted bread with butter. Ever since I learned how to do this egg technique, my breakfast has never been the same.

So, yes. I poached an egg and I like it! 🙂

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