Welcome Home, Coconut!

black and white puppy

I thought that after losing Toytits, my 5-month old puppy, I would never have the courage to have another pet again. After all, the experience was pretty traumatic for me. I got so attached with the little pup, that I cried for several days after he passed away. I still miss him and I feel like I’m not yet ready to have a dog again. Butlast night, on the eve of my birthday, my husband surprised me with this little furball! I melted as soon as I laid my eyes on him.

Meet our new bundle of joy. He’s a 6-week old, mix-breed. I’m not sure about his father, but his mother is a Labrador. I named him Coconut Martin (Coco – NOT – Martin) See what I did there? Ha! Ha! Anyway, there’s no special reason for choosing that name. It was just the first one that popped into my head and I just went with it. Isn’t he so adorable?

cute puppy

He’s so tiny and  feathery light. He sleeps, poops, and pee everywhere. I’m trying to housebreak him because I don’t want him lurking outside the house to go potty. Like I said. Trauma. Our neighborhood is a death trap for creatures like Toytits and Coco who can’t look after themselves. I’ve read that it’s difficult to train a very young pup and I could very much agree to that. So far, he’s already soiled our bedding twice and I’ve wasted a roll of tissue on his first night. Food is not a problem though because he eats at the same time that I do and we only feed him dog food as suggested by our vet.

6-week old puppy

This is just the beginning of our new journey. I’m determined to keep him safe so that he could spend plenty of years with us. It’s going to be nasty, but heck, I’m welcoming this little furball into our lives with arms wide open! And yes, #BestBirthdayGiftEver!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Coconut!

  1. Good luck with Coconut your new pup! I am into my 3rd week with my “Devil Dog”. She is a Jack Russell. I lost my lovely 14 yr Jack about 8 weeks ago, I really forgot what it was like to have a hypo pup about again, this Saturday will be her first walk in the big wide world, can’t wait, run off some of that endless energy. She will be off to the West coast of Scotland soon and I will be posting about her and her exploits….


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