I will miss you, Toytits!



This is my 5-month old puppy, Toytits. He is a happy and playful dog. He likes it when I rub his tummy. He loves to eat. He enjoys his bath time. He likes being with me all the time, even if I ignore him when I have important work to do. He likes sleeping under my chair while I work.

Chillin' under my chair like a villain!
Chillin’ under my chair like a villain!

And in front of the fan…apparently!


Sleepyhead like me!
Sleepyhead like me!


At night time, he would sleep by the door and greet me with his sleepy face in the morning. Whenever I come home after running an errand or staying overnight at my parents’ place, he would be there at the door waiting for me. He would jump around and follow me upstairs hoping for me to pet him, to which I happily oblige.

Good morning, little sunshine!
Good morning, little sunshine!

But last Sunday was a different story. I came home (after spending overnight at my parents’ house) to a weak and lethargic puppy. When I touched him, his skin was warm. I looked around the place and saw that he had vomited in several areas of the lower ground of the house. He refused to eat, not even drink water. It got me worried.

The next day, I took him to a Veterinarian and found out that he has Leptospirosis (advanced stage). I was informed that there ‘s very little chance for him to survive as he did not receive any vaccination. His skin and the white of his eyes turned yellow, an indication that his liver has already succumbed to the bacteria. He must’ve already acquired the disease long before the symptoms manifested. Since he had no appetite for food, the Vet decided to put a dextrose line to him along with some antibiotics.


The following day (Tuesday), I tried to force feed him using a syringe but  he just spits the food out. He doesn’t swallow his antibiotic. His health started deteriorating until he could no longer move. All he wanted to do was lie down and sleep. Whenever he feels me coming up to him, he would raise his head and wait for my hand to pet him. He would then lay his head on my arms and go back to sleep.

The morning of Wednesday, I saw a glob of stool with blood. That’s when I knew, he’s not gonna make it. Still, I tried my best to give him his medication, pet him, and comfort him as much as I could. I cried when I saw him urinate without standing up. It crushed me, like as if I am looking at a loved one on his death bed.

At night fall, Toytits closed his eyes to rest…forever!

I have never owned a pet before, but I have always loved dogs. I think they’re special and they make the world a happy place to live in. I’ve only started taking care of Toytits last April, when I moved in to my hubby’s house right after our wedding. Having him was like having a baby – I fed him, gave him a bath, cuddled him, and played with him everyday. When my husband went to Manila to study, Toytits was my only companion in the house and he made me feel that I am not alone.

How about we grab some porkchop for breakfast?
How about we grab some porkchop for breakfast?

For 5 weeks, it was only the two of us. I felt a certain sense of security whenever I hear him bark or feel him licking and cuddling up on my feet. He showed me that he loved me. He always watch everything that I do, just like a curious child wondering what his mommy is doing. He would even follow me in the bathroom whenever I do a number 2 or take a bath. He would sit by the door patiently waiting ’til I finished. For him, I was his only world and it gave me so much joy knowing that I am able to make a puppy feel like he has a family and a home.

Guarding me, because I was about to leave...
Blocking the way, because I was about to leave…

I fell in love with him the way that I would’ve fallen in love if I had my own baby. He may not be of any imported breed, but he is special. With him around, longing for my husband was quite easy to bear. With him around, I had a reason to wake up early in the morning to prepare food not only for myself. With him around, I am able to give love that is reciprocated with more love and loyalty. True enough, dogs are indeed a man’s best friend.



I will missyou, Toytits! I am sorry if I failed as a pet owner. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of what it’s like being a mother.  I love you! </3



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