I will miss you, Toytits!



This is my 5-month old puppy, Toytits. He is a happy and playful dog. He likes it when I rub his tummy. He loves to eat. He enjoys his bath time. He likes being with me all the time, even if I ignore him when I have important work to do. He likesRead More »

Tang Introduces the new Sweet Orange Flavor

Tang has introduced a new Sweet Orange flavor that is available only in Mindanao. The instant powdered drink mix is “timplang ato” using a special “mas lami” blend created especially for the region.

gerald anderson tang sweet orange


Mindanaons have a sweet tooth, you can tell right away just from their popular pasalubong items—pastries like piaya, pastel, yema, pastillas, and fruits like mangosteen and durian.

This is precisely why Tang created a Read More »