The Vikings Luxury Buffet Experience

One of the many reasons why I love Davao City is the wide array of food choices that are focused not only on local cuisine, but on international fare as well. The Davao food industry continues to evolve over the years, as new food places are coming in year after year. With the emergence of new malls in the metro, come the opening of new restaurants that are set to change the landscape of Davao dining.
Case in Point: Vikings, the biggest luxury buffet in the country, has finally reached the shores of Davao City by opening a whopping 500-seating capacity store at SM Lanang Premier.
I’m not big on buffet dining as I think I seem to not get the value of what I pay for. I easily get overwhelmed by a huge banquet of food that I end up eating small. But when Vikings invited me to have a complimentary dinner, I just couldn’t say no. Plus, I got to bring three friends with me, which made the experience totally worth dressing up for.
The contemporary interior design left me in awe; the lights, the comfy seats, and the buffet stations made me feel like I was inside a luxurious cruise ship. I went there ahead of my 3 companions, so I had enough time to check what was in stored for us. As I roamed around, my eyes lusted over the variety of dishes laid in 7 different stations that feature different cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Filipino, Mexican. There’s also a station for different kinds of steaks, drinks, and of course, the dessert station.
With all the amount of food laid on every buffet table, one could truly say that Vikings is like a mecca for the eternal food lovers. I felt like I had died and gone to food heaven, what with all the handful of food choices they offer. If had it my way, I would’ve grabbed a little bit of everything, but my stomach surrendered after 2 plateful meals and a platter of desserts.
To this end, let me show what you can expect from Vikings Lanang through these photos courtesy of La Vie Productions .

Vikings is indeed a luxurious buffet experience you shouldn’t miss. Great food. Great Staff. Great Ambiance. It’s the perfect place for foodies who want to enjoy bountiful food over great conversations with friends and loved ones! Thank you, Vikings, for treating me and my friends to this luxurious dining experience. We left with happy tummies! 🙂
With my good friend Ghe and her cutie, little pumpkin, Baby Zane.
My music teacher…errr, boyfriend! 🙂
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Vikings Lanang is located at Upper Ground Floor, Fountain Court, SM Lanang Premier. For bookings and reservation, visit Vikings Facebook Page or call (082) 285-3888 or (0917) 875-5888

A French Night to Remember at The French Baker

One of my most favorite movies of all time is Julie and Julia. I fell in love with it as it features two of the many things I am passionate about: food and blogging. It’s based on the true story of Julie Powell, an employee of Lower Manhattan Development Corporation who adores Julia Child, a famous American Chef who have Mastered the Art of French Cooking. I tell you, it’s such a visually appetizing movie. Do watch it if you haven’t already.A few weeks ago, I attended the opening of the 51st branch of The French Baker, strategically located at the Fountain Court area of SM Lanang Premier; home of the longest dancing fountain here in the Philippines. As soon as I stepped inside their freshly built store, I felt like I was transported to France. Who would’ve thought that an hour ride away from home would bring me to the heart of Paris? It was definitely worth the long commute.

The event was graced by none other than The French Baker himself, Mr. Johnlu Go Kua, CEO. As I listened to him spoke about the early beginnings of the store, I cannot help but think of him as the male version of Julia Child. He’s not French (Chinese, in fact), but he has mastered the Art of French Cooking. He is also the man behind Chatime Bubble Tea; a franchise from Taiwan.

Johnlu Go Kua, CEO of The French Baker

The success of The FRENCH BAKER was built on a dream and a vision for innovation to bring the neighborhood bakery to a highest level and let every Filipino enjoy freshly-baked, quality and affordable breads even while on the go. It also has a restaurant-café where affordable gourmet cuisine are served in classy ambiance. UP Professor-turned entrepreneur Johnlu Koa brought into the Philippines the first European-inspired French bakery, thereby creating for himself a new QSR category where his brand continues to dominate until today.

As I muse around the place, I could not help but admire the interior design. They have an indoor alfresco where internet surfers could connect to their free WIFI, although their connection is pretty strong wherever you sit. They have a dessert counter that showcases their breads and pastries. I also like the fact that most tables do have a wall lamp; it makes you feel like you are having an authentic French dining experience. The ambiance is warm and cozy, perfect for people who want some peace and quiet while enjoying good food. I’d also like to note that the wait staff are very kind and accommodating; they add “class” to the service, which is definitely a plus point for me.

As for the food, well, I could proudly say that French Baker has some of the best dishes I’ve ever tasted. I’ve been there three times already since the opening and I can attest that their food are well-prepared and cooked to perfection. One that’s very much memorable to me is the Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa (I ordered this during my second visit, and no, I don’t have a photo of it, sorry). Man, I could eat that and that alone for the rest of my life. The chicken is thoughtfully de-boned. It’s tender, juicy, and has a bite to it. The seasoning is not overpowering, but it still has that distinct grilled flavor, perfect for my Filipino palate. The mango salsa was somehow foreign to me, but I’m glad that my taste buds loved it. It’s a bit spicy though, but nothing you can’t tolerate.

Another one that’s very, very much memorable to me is the Parisian French Macarons. I’ve already featured these before and I can’t seem to get enough of them (read here for full review). They seriously are the best-tasting French Macarons I’ve ever had, so far. My new favorite is the Pistachio flavor. Ahh, just thinking about it right now makes me crave so bad.

Here are some of the dishes you can expect from The French Baker’s Menu:

Fruit Tart | Peach Tart
Parisian French Macarons
Apple Dome

The French Baker is indeed more than just your ordinary bakery. It’s a charming restaurant that offers world-class, authentic French Cuisine.