Discover Filipino Dining at Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta

Having been born to an Ilocano father and Tagalog mother – who both love to cook – introduced me to a bevy of authentic Filipino dishes. I have a lot of favorites, but some others are just plain exceptional like Kare-Kare, Pinapaitan, Hinalang, Ginataang Alimango, and Liver Asado. I consider Filipino cuisine as my comfort food, and in fact, at any given day, I would choose a Filipino Restaurant over intercontinental dining.
Photo Credit:  Pinoy Teens
I recently had the chance to attend the grand opening of Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta. The restaurant was cozy with a warm ambiance. I love the interior design of the restaurant. It’s chic and casual, something that’s not usual for a Filipino Restaurant. Not to mention, they do have a bar area for those who want to grab some cocktails after a stressful week at work.

A little history: 

Archipelago 7107 by Barrio Fiesta is a brainchild of young entrepreneurs Antero Sison III, Carlo Lorenzana, Alberto Bacani, and Alan Bangco who teamed up with the third generation restaurateur Tyrone Ongpauco from the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants

The concept of Archipelago 7107 was to bring together different Filipino regional recipes into one roof, hence the number 7107 that represents that number of Islands in the Philippines. It’s a genius idea, if you ask me. Here you get the chance to sample different dishes from different regions of the Philippines without having to board a plane.
Bar Area | Photo Credit: Pinoy Teens
Food was great and it was everything I hoped for in a Filipino restaurant. Each dish was filling, comforting, and best of all, it doesn’t drill a hole on the pocket. It’s definitely a must-try. Here’s what you can expect from Archipelago 7107’s menu:

Nachos with Salsa
Dinuguan, P245
 Savory stew of blood sausage simmered in a rich, spicy gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili, and vinegar.
Sinalab Special, P640
 A collection of fresh seafood and assorted meals cooked to perfection and served in a kawayan (bamboo) tray.
Mama Chits Special, P640
 A feast in a bilao as how Mama Chit would prepare it. Indeed, a mini fiesta in itself.
Inihaw na Pusit, P245
Chicharon Bulaklak, P195
 The best thing that happened to me that night. My dad loves to cook Chicharon Bulaklak, but now that we’re trying to watch our health, we’ve lie-lowed on eating high-calorie food. I am my father’s daughter and well, it’s been a while. My first bite brought me back to my younger years when diet was the least of my concern. If you’re craving for a sinful plate of chicharon bulaklak and your dad won’t cook for you, you know where to go! =)
Kare-Kare, P230 (regular), P350 (family)
 Tender Oxtail and trip stewed in creamy peanut sauce.
Crispy Pata, P520
Archipelago 7107’s specialty and the dish that made them a household name. Crispy Pata is a deep fried pork knuckle cooked the Barrio Fiesta way. I devoured this like crazy, my diet is gonna sue me.
Chilling with my fellow Davao Bloggers
Photo Credit: Pinoy Teens
So there you go. If you’re looking for a cozy restaurant to satisfy your Filipino food craving, head over to Archipelago 7107 located at the 2nd floor, Fountain Court area, SM Lanang Premier.

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