Tsuru: Davao’s First Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Whenever I dine at a Japanese restaurant, there’s only one person that I almost always wish were with me; my boyfriend. After he came back from Kagoshima (circa 2009, I think?), Japanese cuisine has become his ultimate comfort food. And since I’m an awesome girlfriend, I’ve agreed to welcome a few Japanese restaurants on the list of food places we frequently visit. Tsuru is not one of them, at least not just yet. That’s why I was thrilled when I learned that Tsuru is included in our DFAT 2013 itinerary.

Tsuru Japanese Restuarant and Sushi Bar is known and proud to be the first and longest running authentic Japanese restaurant in Davao. Opened in 1990 in the still quiet street of Legazpi, it was a gathering place for old davaoeno families.  

After our orientation at Mam Bebs, we headed to Tsuru at Abreeza Mall where we were treated to an afternoon of sushi food tasting. But before I go on mumbling about the food, I thought I’d let you know that, I’m not good  in describing Japanese dishes. I fear that when I try, I might not give justice to how they really taste. One thing that I could tell you though,Tsuru’s Sushi Rolls are by far, the best I’ve ever tried. Since I can’t spoil you with words, let me just feed you with these appetizing photos courtesy of Kulay Potograpiya.

Crazy Maki
Volcano Roll
Godzilla Roll
My favorite! I love the idea of incorporating fruits into the sushi.
Tsuru Roll
I enjoyed everything that was served on our table. I usually am wary about anything with raw fish, but surprisingly, I found myself devouring these rolls in the same way I eat burgers; big bites, full mouth! Plus, they’re quite filling, too. I only had four rolls, but my stomach already felt full. It was indeed a great meal, and yes, a return visit is definitely in order.
  • J. Camus St./ (In front of People’s Park)
  • Damosa Gateway
  • Ground Floor Abreeza Mall, Davao City

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