Greenwich Introduces Their New and Improved Pizza and Pasta

When I think of comfort food, I think of pizza. And when I think of pizza, I look no further than our well-loved Filipino pizza joints and one of them is Greenwich. There was a time during my High School years when I was crazy over their lasagna. At that time, I thought it was the best-ever lasagna that I had and would ever have in my lifetime. I was wrong! Who would have thought that their lasagna, as good as it is, could still have an improved and better version?
Our 3rd and final stop for the first day of DFAT 2013 was a pizza and pasta blowout courtesy of Greenwich. The team introduced the new and improved version of their well-loved Lasagna Supreme, Hawaiian Pizza, and Special Overload.

Lasagna Supreme – The Greenwich Lasagna Supreme makes its way to Greenwich stores to delight the Filipino palate anew with its best tasting and best value offering in the market today. It now has thicker noodles and a chunkier meat sauce, complemented by three types of cheese and topped with a rich and creamy white sauce. Served with 1pc. Garlic Stix. Greenwich Lasagna Supreme is tagged at only P79 for its snack size and P99 for a full size.

Greenwich Ultimate Hawaiian Overload – The new Greenwich Ultimate Hawaiian Overload levels up the pizza experience with glazed pineapples, two kinds of premium ham and bacon and two types of cheese toppings to complete that delicious pizza goodness.

Ultimate Special Overload Pizza –  Packed with 13 mouth-watering toppings loaded to perfection, the lip-smacking experience begins with sumptuous slices of beef, bacon, pepperoni and salami. Complementing the overload of meaty goodness is a sprinkle of fresh veggies which includes mushroom, olives, red and green bell pepper, onion and minced garlic.Chunks of glazed pineapple add a dash of sweetness while a generous serving of mozzarella and cheddar cheese provides a truly appetizing finish.

Thank you, Greenwich, for the pizza and pasta party! It was the best meal to cap off our sinful DFAT day! =)

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