Beating the Summer Heat with Aling Foping’s Halo-Halo Atbp

“Summer breeze, makes you feel fine”…well I wish I could sing say the same, but no, summer makes me cranky. The heat is so unbearable that it makes me want to consider migrating to Alaska, live in an eskimo, and eat my feelings for the rest of my life. KIDDING. But yeah, summer sometimes takes its toll on me. But the good thing is, there are all sorts of cold refreshments out there to beat the heat. Enter Aling Foping’s.

One fine afternoon, I was invited to a casual food tasting at Aling Foping’s Halo-Halo Atbp. It was my first time to indulge in this famed halo-halo and I couldn’t be happier. Indeed, it is truly one for the books.

Aling Foping’s is a homegrown brand known for their special halo-halo and bibingka.

Trivia: “Foping” is not the name of the owner. I bet you though it was, right? Count me in. The name of the store is actually adopted from this doodle that was originally sketched by the owner’s son, Mike Ayala. He drew this from a souvenir that he got during their prom. A few years later, his mom, Mrs. Fe Ayala, saw this sketch in Mike’s old stuff. At that time, they were thinking of a name to baptize the store and they thought “Aling Foping’s” would be nice. Nobody really knows who Foping is. Cool, huh? 

Okay, back on track. One thing that I liked about Aling Foping;s halo-halo is that, you could actually choose your own mix of ingredients. Admit it, not everything in a standard halo-halo satisfy your taste buds (*ehem kaong ehem*), right? Upon ordering, you will need to fill-out a form and choose six ingredients for your halo-halo fix.
Of course, my fix included my favorites such as leche flan, macapuno, pinipig, red mongo, white beans, and ube halaya, with ube ice cream on top.
Aling Foping’s Special Halo-Halo 105php
My cup looks monochromatic because I did not threw in fixings with artificial color, but I like it that way. My customized halo-halo turned out to be creamy without being too sweet. I appreciate that the ube halaya was homemade. In fact, I did not mix it together with the other ingredients because ate it on its own! That’s how much I like it. Another good thing about this halo-halo is that, they actually use mineral water for the shaved ice!. Talk about healthy and hygienic.  Don’t be deceived by the photo above. The cup is actually bigger in person. It’s just that I suck at composition, that’s all.

We also got to try the Chili Con Carne, which was said to be a favorite of PNOY (he’s friends with the Ayala’s). It’s good and I like that the taste has an authentic Mexican vibe to it, with a bit of Filipino twist. The taste of the tomato and bell pepper explodes in your mouth and lingers on your taste buds. We all agreed that this can very well be a sauce for spaghetti. And look at that cheese! Who doesn’t love cheese? The only thing that’s lacking here is that, it isn’t as spicy as it should be. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the dish.

While the halo-halo was the star of this event, the real winner for me was the bibingka. If you’re familiar with an authentic bibingkang tagalog, then you’ll know the secret ingredient that makes this delicacy to die for! Have you guessed it? Yes, it’s salted eggs! When were still living in Nueva Ecija, my mom would always buy special bibingka from the bayan (public market) because it was a favorite of my sisters and I.  When we got back to Davao, we rarely see such kind of bibingka being sold in the city as most are made out of sticky rice. I was really glad to discover that Aling Foping’s offers this kind of bibingka that I have been craving for years! It was served hot on the plate and everyone caught a whiff of the aroma of the melted butter, which by the way, smelled so heavenly. As we sliced it, we were greeted with a generous chunk of salted eggs and kesong puti. The bibingka was so soft and moist that it almost melts in your mouth.

The first bite made me nostalgic that I thought I felt warm tears pooling my eyes. Okay, that was overrated. But really, it reminded me of those late afternoons in Nueva Ecija when my sisters and I would indulge on special bibingka while watching VHS (yes, I’m vintage like that) tapes.

It was a great afternoon spent with my fellow bloggers and the brains behind Aling Foping’s. I went home with a full stomach and a happy heart.

Aling Foping’s is located at MTS Compound, Matina Davao City. 

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