Good Burgers at The Metro Burgers

If one day we’d be succumbed by the dawn of apocalypse, and we’d have to eat one kind of food for the rest of our remaining days on Earth, I would no doubt eat burger every freaking day. It’s the end of the world anyway, who cares about diet! Seriously though, I’m a huge burger lover and if I wanted to indulge on a thick and juicy burger patty, I would show no mercy just to have it.
You want proof? Well, a few weeks ago, I was invited to a service run through by the newest burger joint in Davao, The Metro Burgers. Before the event, I had abused my physical strength over Indiana Jones, Tumbang Preso, and other ruthless running activities at Eden Nature Park. Needless to say, I ended up having a sore body; my limbs were screaming, my energy was almost at the bottom of the cylinder. Plus,  it was raining hard that day. So you could just imagine. But you know what? That did not stop me from going to the service run-through. I’m a masochist burger junkee, that’s why!

Anyway, The Metro Burgers. When I arrived at the place, I immediately caught a whiff of burger patties on flame. They only had a few burgers to choose from, but that didn’t matter. I was rather excited to vindicate the burgers. I ordered Bacon and Mushroom burger (priced at 120php). For an affordable price, you really wouldn’t expect generous serving, right? At least compared to some of the other burger joints in the metro, that is.  But look, that’s some burger right there.
The burger’s diameter isn’t too wide (think Jollibee) but the patty and the bun is thick. Plus, the lettuce, mushroom, and bacon were more than I expected. Nonetheless, I do think that the size is just right, at least for someone like me who has a trying-hard-moderate appetite. I was able to finish it without getting bloated, just satiated. And that’s a good thing because you get to fill your stomach without feeling light-headed. As for the taste, I’m giving it 5/5. The patty is cooked just right; juicy, tender, and bursting with flavors. I did appreciate that there’s a lot of lettuce in it because it helped neutralize the beef patty and the bacon so that the taste of the meat isn’t too overwhelming.
Taken with Canon Powershot A3330IS
The owner of The Metro Burgers is Mr. Eight Espino; one of the most talented photographers in the city. He walked us through the basics of food photography. And look, who would’ve thought that my trusty point-and-shoot camera has the ability to produce high quality photos. Fine, the two photos above underwent adobe photoshop surgery. But then again, you know what they say about a bad photo right? Photo editors can only do so much. So yes, I thank my Canon, Sir Eight’s lightbox, and CS3 for this. I now have a halo of bragging rights above my head.
Anyway you can find this new burger joint somewhere along Juan Dela Cruz street in Uyanguren. Sorry, I’m not good in geography. But if you’re familiar with the streets of Davao, specially Uyanguren street, you’ll find TMB near Metrobank. If you’re studying in Ateneo de Davao University, you very well know this street.
For more information, visit
See you there! =)