Krispy Kreme Opens its Third Davao Branch at SM Lanang Premier

Krispy Kreme continues to spoil Davaoenos’ sweet palate by opening its third Davao branch at the heart of SM Lanang Premier, one of Davao’s premier shopping destinations. The unveiling of the the brand’s third store in the region was celebrated with the chosen children from the local foundation, the Orphanage of St.Jerome. The kids were treated to a gift giving ceremony and a doughnut dipping session, where they experienced designing their own doughnuts.

“Krispy Kreme is a brand that’s all about the gift of sharing,” says Mark Gamboa, Marketing Director of Krispy Kreme Philippines. “And along with our expansion to satisfy the palates of more Filipinos, the opening of this new branch will bring with it our many efforts to continue the legacy of the brand’s ‘Share the Gift of Joy’ campaign in the country.”

 Calling everyone to work hand-in-hand towards change, Krispy Kreme sets aside P20 for every sale of the brand’s specially designed Tin Can for its partner charities—12 organizations that care for the environment: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. – Bantay Kalikasan and Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society Inc.; for creativity: Cultural Center of the Philippines, Visual Arts and Museum Division; for lives: Caritas Manila Inc., Philippine Red Cross, and ICanServe Foundation Inc.; for our animal friends: Philippine Animal Welfare Society; and of course, for kids: Operation Smile Philippines, Kythe Inc., Development and Accessibility Fund for the Deaf Inc., Autism Society Philippines, and Friends of Hope Inc.

And to push the envelope some more, Krispy Kreme gives its share of support for the Philippine Red Cross in Davao by allocating P10 for to the charity for every dozen of doughnuts sold.

Take a peek at Krispy Kreme’s newest, brand-spanking store at SM Lanang Premier

Visit them at the ground floor of SM Lanang Premier. See you there! =)

Promo: A Love Story By Antonio’s Bar and Grill

After stuffing myself with 14 different dishes during the Antonio’s Bar and Grill, A Love Story launch, I went home with a tub of Frozen Buko Pandan and a sweet, special gift.

Do you wanna know what’s inside?
Nothing is more perfect for a Valentine’s gift than a couple’s shirt for you and your better half! I got mine in black. The print is so adorable, don’t you think? Get a chance to bring home your very own couple’s shirt from Antonio’s Bar and Grill by following these simple mechanics.
1. Dine-In Customers will be given  a Valentine promo card  which has the 14 dish promo offering. Each customer can choose to order one(1)  or a combination of the fourteen (14)  dishes  and will get a stamp for each order.
2. One stamp is awarded for every (1) one signature dish and implemented only on the promo card.
3. The customer should present the Antonio’s promo card at the counter to get the corresponding number of stamps at any branch of Antonio’s.
4. Customer must complete the (14) stamps in a promo card  to redeem (1) one pair (black or red) of the Limited Edition of Antonio’s couple shirt for FREE.
5. Combination of promo cards will not be allowed.
6. Once the stamps are completed in a promo card, the customer can redeem the Valentine Couple Shirt for FREE from any Antonio’s branches region-wide.
7. Tampering of stamps to obtain the required number of stamps will render all promo cards null & void.
To know more about the 14 Love Story Dishes, Click HERE

Antonio’s Bar and Grill Launches : A Love Story

I’ve only been to Antonio’s Bar and Grill once and I vividly remember how much I gushed over their Pinoy Beef Steak. I’ve always wanted to go back, but I never had a chance because of who-knows-what-reason. You could just imagine my delight when I received an invitation to the launching of Antonio’s “A Love Story”. I knew right then that I was in for an explosion of superb Filipino dishes.
A little history of Antonio’s Bar and Grill:
Antonio’s Bar & Grill  is named after  Mr.  Antonio  So,  as a tribute to his  father  by  Mr. Anthony Ang, the founding owner  of Antonio’s Bar & Grill.   Originally conceptualized  as  a  home grown brand from Davao,  it offers modern Filipino food  with a twist.   Antonio’s Bar  & Grill  started in  August  2006 as a Filipino fine dining restaurant where Davaoeno’s  savored and enjoyed grilled food prepared in different ways.  Seven years after its launch into the market,  it continues to  reinvent  itself and add new dishes  to its  fine selection of  food menu.    Rising up to the challenge of the ever changing palette of the dining clientele,  Antonio’s has begun collaboration with a well-renowned  Davaoena chef  in presenting its latest roaster of dishes.
 Antonio’s Bar & Grill would like to remind fellow  Davaoenos that although many other restaurants are opening in other malls,  Antonio’s will stay true to its identity of being a Family oriented Filipino restaurant where taste and flavor  are the utmost priority.  That means sourcing the best and freshest ingredients all over Mindanao giving the dining consumer their money’s worth.
During the launch, guests were served with Antonio’s February offerings, aptly called “A Love Story”. (This is also their newest promo, where you could get a chance to take home a special gift after completing 14 stamps, but more about that on my next post).  We sampled 14 different kinds of dishes from appetizers, soup, main course, and dessert. I hope you’re hungry because I’m about to feed you with 14 mouthwatering [photos] of the dishes we feasted on. (all photos provided by Antonio’s Bar and Grill)


1. First on the menu was Dinakdakan. It is made with spicy pork mascara blended with mayonnaise, vinegar & spices. I love the combination of the mayonnaise and spices, as they make the dish a perfect appetizer to stimulate your taste buds. If you’re a fan of “kinilaw”, you will surely love this.

2. Bagnet are thinly sliced crispy fried salted pork belly strips.It is well seasoned, and I appreciate the fact that it’s not too oily.

Sisig Pusit
3. Sisig Pusit is a grilled giant squid stuffed with pork sisig. This is definitely my favorite out of the bunch. You know how some squid tends to be rubbery? That’s an indication that the meat is overcooked. Antonio’s grilled squid is perfectly cooked, thus making the meat soft and tender in every bite. The pork sisig inside is such a succulent surprise. I will definitely order this one the next time I visit Antonio’s.

Sinigang na Hipon
4. Sinigang na Hipon is another favorite of mine. I’m a fan of any kind of sinigang, especially when it’s really sour that it almost distorts your face. Antonio’s Sinigang na Hipon is exactly that. They didn’t mention it, but judging by the taste of the soup, I’m guessing they used real tamarind to get that native sour flavor. I know  this because my mom (with tagalog roots) also uses real tamarind rather than instant sinigang mix.

5. Antonio’s Bulalo is yet another sumptuous dish that lives up to how a true Filipino Bulalo should be. My only caveat to this dish is that, the beef is not too tender to my liking. But nonetheless, the soup is savory and well-seasoned.

Pinaputok na Manok
6. Pinaputok na Manok is a deep fried chicken wrapped in banana leaves. I particularly like the concept of wrapping the chicken in banana leaves as I think it gives off a unique twist to quite a common dish that is fried chicken. The chicken meat is tender and has a subtle flavor that’s enough to satisfy your palate.

7. Balbacua is one of the most popular Filipino dishes and it’s good to know that Antonio’s considered this to be part of their menu. As for the taste, It’s an ace for me.
Cripy Bangus sa Inadobong Kankong at Gata


8. Crispy Bangus sa Inadobong Kangkong at Gata (Coconut Milk). I’m not a fan of bangus (or fish in general because of its tendency to have a stench taste when not cooked properly) but I’m happy to report that this dish is an exemption. The gata helped in neautralizing the stench taste of the fish. It’s a pretty tasteful dish that’s best paired with rice.

Binagoongang Gulay
9. Binagoongang gulay is made with assorted vegetables sautéed in fermented shrimp and stewed in coconut milk. This dish will make you think of Ilocos. I particularly like the way the vegetables are cooked as they are a bit on the crunchy side, but not under cooked. Love the burst of flavor on this one, thanks to the fermented shrimp.

Crispy Pata
10. Crispy Pata. Ahhh, the crowd favorite. Nothing to be said here. Let the picture speak for itself *wink*.

Inadobong Manok sa Gata at Sili
11. Inadobong Manok sa Gata at Sili. This is said to be a tribute to the bicolanos. I enjoyed the combination of garlic, vinegar, and coconut milk as they give off a very pinoy taste. It’s a great dish, however, I would’ve preferred it to be a bit more spicy.

Crispy Tuna Belly
12. Here’s another dish that I was a bit wary about due to my issue with fish dishes, but surprisingly, the Crispy Tuna Belly was nothing short of savory goodness. I did not taste any stench, which is good.

13. Our meal was capped off with a delectable Frozen Buko Pandan treat; a dessert made with fresh buko meat, pandan gelatin, and thick cream. The ingredients might be simple and straightforward but the taste is just so heavenly you would want to marry it. It’s a great alternative for halo-halo, come summertime.

14. We also got to enjoy an ice cold tower of ice tea.

Needless to say, I enjoyed dining at Antonio’s Bar and Grill. I love the food and the ambiance. If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers different Filipino specialties, you know where to go.

Thank you Ms. Marissa Tionko and Mr. Anthony Ang of Antonio’s Bar and Grill.

Antonio’s Bar and Grill is located at:

– GF, SM City Davao, Ecoland
– Metro Lifestyle Compound, E. Jacinto Ext.
– 3rd Floor, Abreeza Mall