The 1st Dabaw Sinugba Festival

One of the best things about living in Davao is having easy access to good food that doesn’t drill a whole on the pocket. Found in every corner of the city are Barbeque and Grill businesses that offer great food for very affordable prices. We’re talking about less than a hundred for a full, satisfying meal. No wonder these food places have captured the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. I personally have my favorite BBQ places in the city, and mind you, there are a lot of them.
To celebrate the city’s rich BBQ and grill cuisine, Mocha Productions brings forth the first ever Dabaw Sinugba Festival. This event aims to bring together Davao City’s local and international BBQ and Grill Businesses to four nights of fun-filled dining from March 14-17, 2013 at the Tienda del Mercado in Juna Subdivision, Matina Davao City; just in time for for the 76th Araw ng Dabaw Festival. As such, this festival will be in support of the City Tourism’s “Life is Herecampaign and DOT’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign, which aims to push Davao City as a go-to destination for the best grilled cuisine in the Philippines.

One of the event highlights is the “Eat-All-You Can Sinugba Buffet”. For P200, festival goers can feast on
the selection of BBQ and grill dishes. Participating in the sinugba buffet will also earn them the chance
to vote for the “Best Sinugba” among the 32 food stalls that offer BBQ and Grilled foods including kababs, burgers, pork and chicken BBQ, and grilled seafood.
Here’s the Schedule of Events for your guidance
In conjunction with the Dabaw Sinugba Festival is the official launching of Tienda del Mercado, a weekend market and bazaar that will showcase lifestyle choices in crafts, plants, food and drinks, fashion, music, health and fitness, animal grooming, and many more.

The Dabaw Sinugba Festival will run from 4 PM -12 midnight daily from March 14-17, 2013. 

For information on how to avail the Eat-All-You-Can passes, visit:

Hope to see you there! =)

Good Burgers at The Metro Burgers

If one day we’d be succumbed by the dawn of apocalypse, and we’d have to eat one kind of food for the rest of our remaining days on Earth, I would no doubt eat burger every freaking day. It’s the end of the world anyway, who cares about diet! Seriously though, I’m a huge burger lover and if I wanted to indulge on a thick and juicy burger patty, I would show no mercy just to have it.
You want proof? Well, a few weeks ago, I was invited to a service run through by the newest burger joint in Davao, The Metro Burgers. Before the event, I had abused my physical strength over Indiana Jones, Tumbang Preso, and other ruthless running activities at Eden Nature Park. Needless to say, I ended up having a sore body; my limbs were screaming, my energy was almost at the bottom of the cylinder. Plus,  it was raining hard that day. So you could just imagine. But you know what? That did not stop me from going to the service run-through. I’m a masochist burger junkee, that’s why!

Anyway, The Metro Burgers. When I arrived at the place, I immediately caught a whiff of burger patties on flame. They only had a few burgers to choose from, but that didn’t matter. I was rather excited to vindicate the burgers. I ordered Bacon and Mushroom burger (priced at 120php). For an affordable price, you really wouldn’t expect generous serving, right? At least compared to some of the other burger joints in the metro, that is.  But look, that’s some burger right there.
The burger’s diameter isn’t too wide (think Jollibee) but the patty and the bun is thick. Plus, the lettuce, mushroom, and bacon were more than I expected. Nonetheless, I do think that the size is just right, at least for someone like me who has a trying-hard-moderate appetite. I was able to finish it without getting bloated, just satiated. And that’s a good thing because you get to fill your stomach without feeling light-headed. As for the taste, I’m giving it 5/5. The patty is cooked just right; juicy, tender, and bursting with flavors. I did appreciate that there’s a lot of lettuce in it because it helped neutralize the beef patty and the bacon so that the taste of the meat isn’t too overwhelming.
Taken with Canon Powershot A3330IS
The owner of The Metro Burgers is Mr. Eight Espino; one of the most talented photographers in the city. He walked us through the basics of food photography. And look, who would’ve thought that my trusty point-and-shoot camera has the ability to produce high quality photos. Fine, the two photos above underwent adobe photoshop surgery. But then again, you know what they say about a bad photo right? Photo editors can only do so much. So yes, I thank my Canon, Sir Eight’s lightbox, and CS3 for this. I now have a halo of bragging rights above my head.
Anyway you can find this new burger joint somewhere along Juan Dela Cruz street in Uyanguren. Sorry, I’m not good in geography. But if you’re familiar with the streets of Davao, specially Uyanguren street, you’ll find TMB near Metrobank. If you’re studying in Ateneo de Davao University, you very well know this street.
For more information, visit
See you there! =)

J.Co Doughnuts is Coming to Davao

It hasn’t been six months since Krispy Kreme landed on the shores of Davao, and yet here comes another doughnut brand to spoil the sugar foodies within the city. The most talked about J.CO Doughnuts is coming to Davao! And I’m not even half-kidding!

Photo Grabbed from SM Lanang Premier‘s Official Fan Page

With this, it’s gonna be tough for Manila goers to look for something to bring home to their families here in Davao. May the force be with you! =)

Blugre: The King of Coffees

Back when I was still a corporate slave at Landco, I used to grab my coffee fix at Blugre Coffee, which is so conveniently located at the entrance of the building. I’m a huge fan of their Durian Gatchpuccino and Chocolate Torte; they never fail to help me get through a tough day’s work. Even my Danish boss would often indulge on Blugre’s wide array of  hot coffee and delicious pasta offerings.


A few weeks ago, I had the chance to sit down on a meeting with Mr. Benjamin “BMC” Cuaresma, VP for Franchising, and Ms. Joanne Sy, VP for Operations of the new and better Blugre Coffee. It’s good to know that the brand is fast evolving and rooting towards being at par with the biggest names in the Coffee Industry worldwide.

Blugre is now under a new management, and in only a year after the turnover, the brand has already added six branches all over Mindanao. On top of that, two more branches will open its doors within this month; Tagum City on February 22, and at Davao Doctor’s College on February 28, respectively.

“Our vision is beyond building an enormous conglomerate. We see Blugre Coffee as an avenue where people and experiences can converge to give life a deeper meaning across all the people involved in our company; the stakeholders, the employees and most importantly the customers. Our brand is a celebration of how unique we are as a Filipino race”

This year, Blugre aims to bring the brand to the global market by putting up a branch in Las Vegas and Los Angeles by the end of the 2013. Other global expansion includes Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Toronto, and Adelaide. But of course, the brand will also put up more stores across the Philippines. With their continuous expansion, the brand will also be offering new drinks and desserts that would showcase the flavors of Davao.

“We are not just a cup of coffee; we are a global brand, a lifestyle and a brand that gives back”
Blugre works in partnership with DENR in planting mahogany trees, while at the same time providing additional schools and livelihood program for the B’laan tribe. Truly a brand that gives back to the people.
Blugre Coffee has indeed come a long way, but there is a lot more to look forward to. As what BMC said, the company’s main goal is to establish its name as a Davao brand in and outside the country.
For more information, visit: