Caffé Firenzo: Red Velvet Cupcake

I’m the kind of person who values spending time alone as it allows me to think, ponder, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet. Sometimes, I’d go to cinemas alone and watch those movies that I can’t watch with my boyfriend (yep, you know it). Or sometimes, I’d go to a coffee shop and spend an afternoon devouring some sweets while reading a good book.
I visited Caffé Firenzo a couple of months ago (let’s not talk about backlogs, okay?) and tried their red velvet cupcake.

This is technically my very first red velvet cupcake indulgence, so I can’t really say whether or not it’s the best I’ve tried. Anyway, what I can say is that, it’s not bad for a cupcake. For one, I absolutely love the cream cheese; it’s the right mix of sweet and tangy. Although, I would’ve wanted it to be more creamy than solid. Nonetheless, being a huge fan of cheesecakes, I do enjoy anything with cream cheese.
I appreciate that the cake is pretty dense, although I find it ironic that it’s rather dry. I mean, most cakes that are dense and fully packed are usually moist. Also, it has quite a bitter after taste. Not sure if it’s normal for red velvet cupcakes though. But in all fairness, I do love the fact that this cupcake isn’t too sweet. Plus, that heart on top is just too pretty to resist. I already forgot how much this is, but if my memory serves me right, it  costs less than 50php.
A few of my favorite things
How about you? What’s your take on Red Velvet Cupcakes?

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