Clawdaddy’s Great American Picnic Opens its Door to Davao

One of the newest restaurants to hit the shores of Davao is Clawdaddy’s Great American Picnic. They recently opened their first branch in the city  at SM Lanang Premier and I was privileged to be one of the few who were invited to an afternoon of food tasting. Executive Chef, Peter Ayson prepared a lineup of exquisite dishes featuring the best recipes in the house.

Clawdaddy’s take pride in their mastery of serving the best of seafood cuisine. True to its name, this restaurant serves a selection of varied crabs recipes to delight a seafood lover’s palate. Included in their quality seafood offerings are various types of crabs such as Typhoon Crab, Butter Ginger, and Sand of the Beach. Aside from these delectable claw dishes, Clawdaddy’s also boasts a range of other ocean gems such as clams, mussles, tuna, malasugi, and oysters among others.
Check out these mouth-watering seafood indulgence. This is a long and comprehensive list, please bear with me! *winks*
Nacho Ordinary Nacho
As part of the appetizer, the house served Nacho Ordinary Nacho,  a tricolor nacho chips served with Jalapeño dip (that looked like salsa to me) and Malagos Cream Cheese. I super love how the cream cheese jives well with the nachos. And I must say, the red nachos brought the wow-factor in the presentation. The plate looks really pleasing to the eye and the tummy as well. Don’t fret though, as it taste just like the yellow corn nachos.
Fisherman’s Chowder
This hearty clam chowder was also served as an appetizer. According to Chef Peter, this soup has three different clam variations in it namely green clams, white clams, and imbao clams. It also has Malagos bleu cheese, which makes the consistency thick and creamy. It’s indeed a light yet scrumptious appetizer to prepare our palates for more seafood dishes.

Taste of Davao
Have you ever wondered how a Davao Four Seasons would taste like? Chef Peter reckons that the Taste of Davao is his version of four seasons featuring the flavors of Davao. It’s made with Durian, Marang, Mango, and Pomelo with a bit of cocktail infused in it (see the red liquid at the bottom of the glass). This drink is a thick concoction that truly reminds me of Davao. I can smell and taste the  Durian, which by the way, is heavenly to me.  It’s a sweet and tangy beverage courtesy of the Pomelo.


Cajun Shrimp and Pomelo Salad

This salad is a toss of seared bacon wrapped shrimp, mesclun greens, herbed croutons, organic tomatoes, passion fruit and Pomelo vinaigrette. It’s my first time to try a salad drizzled with Pomelo vinaigrette and I am surprised at how good it is. It adds a tangy twist to the salad which I find refreshing. Meanwhile, I am so in love with the bacon wrapped shrimp. I love bacon. I love shrimps. Put that together? Go figure!

Grilled Oysters

Let me just say that all the dishes offered tasted really good, but this one effortlessly made it on top of my list. This char grilled freshly shucked oyster with citrus brown butter is cooked to perfection. It’s topped with a whole lot of cheese that neutralizes the stench (malansa) taste of the fresh oyster. Additionally, the citrus brown butter makes the dish more tasteful. I may sound overrated, but really, I love it so much I want to give it some fresh roses, propose to it, take it to Las Vegas and marry it (punchline borrowed from John Green, FYI. =p ). I can sense a return trip to Clawdaddy’s just for this.

Baby Back Ribs
This char grilled baby back ribs is seasoned with honey and molasses barbecue sauce, served with cabbage slaw and dirty jambalaya rice. What I love about this dish is that the meat is so tender and well-cooked. You can easily cut through it and the meat flawlessly detaches from the bone when you tug. It’s a succulent dish  that reminds me of Lyndon’s Worst Ribs.

Seafood Skewers

Seafood Skewers is a marinated tuna and malasugi kebab with char grilled lemon herbed vegetables and sunville rice pilaf. Both malasugi and tuna are fresh and grilled to perfection, leaving it juicy and tender in every bite. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this dish, as it’s fully packed with flavors. Chewing on it momentarily reminded me of white sand and sea waves.


Clawdaddy’s Fish Fry


Clawdaddy’s Fish Fry is definitely my kind of finger food. It’s a platter filled with fried calamari, shrimp popcorn, and blackened red fish. It comes with three dips that you can choose from to your own liking. These are tomato ketchup, vinegar, and tartar sauce. What I like about this is that the batter is not too thick, thus allowing the delectable taste of the seafood to cut through it. It’s flavorful sans the oiliness, which I like.

The Boiling Bag
The Boiling Bag is one of Clawdaddy’s Signature dishes. It’s literally a bag filled with several seafood concoction such as mixed clams, shrimps, crabs in clawdaddy mixed seasoning served with new potatoes, corn, and soaker bread. It’s called boiling bag because all the raw ingredients are stuffed inside the bag and cooked to a boil. I believe this is a genius way of juicing out the flavors from each of the ingredients. Just imagine all the savory goodness oozing out and mixed together in a closed boiling bag. When the waiter cut the bag open, there was a whiff of strong sea aroma that circled around our table. Am I hearing you say seafood overload?


Catch of the Day

Like the grilled oysters, this particular dish also won my heart. Catch of the Day is a char grilled mixed clams with lemon butter  The meat of the clam is succulent and soft that it melts in my mouth. Clams and lemon butter is always a perfect pair. I think I consumed about five of these!


Singaporean Chili Crab
Finally, the star of the show dashed out from the kitchen – the King Crab in Singaporean Chili sauce! We were supposed to have the Crab of the Day which is basically a Typhoon Shelter Crab, but Chef Peter said he changed the menu on the last minute. Anyway, Singaporean Chili Crab is made with authentic Singaporean chili and is obviously on the spicy side. I am not big on crabs with sauces, but what I like about this dish is that, even though the sauce is quite thick and spicy, it does not overpower the flavor of the crab meat. I grabbed it with my hands and enjoyed every bit of it.


Tablea and Coffee Bread Pudding
For dessert, we had this Tablea and Coffee Bread Pudding with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. The sweet tooth in me felt giddy when I learned that this particular dessert is made with tablea; one of my favorite native chocolate variant. The tablea frosting is enveloped inside the pudding and oozes out as you cut through. The white chocolate cream cheese puree adds a delectable touch to the pudding. And take note, this puree is actually infused with Marang. I’d say this is a one-of-a-kind local dessert masterpiece with a class on top of it.
The big bosses of Clawdaddy’s Davao.
L-R:  Mr. Paul Garcia, Mr. Murray Hertz (also the owner of Murray’s New Orleans), Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo,
and Executive Chef Peter Ayson.

The good thing about Clawdaddy’s here in Davao is that, they use raw ingredients that are freshly sourced from anywhere in Mindanao including Surigao, which is home to an abundance of King Crabs. This ensures that all the ingredients used in every dish are fresh off the hook.


My favorite spot! I’m so loving the interiors!


Another good thing to note about Clawdaddy’s – aside from their undoubtedly superb selection of good food – is their interiors. The concept of the layout is fashioned after an outdoor picnic complete with trees and wooden boats at the ceiling that houses the lights (see photo below). The ambiance is quite cozy, with music that reminds you of  an outdoor gathering with your family by the lake. Who would’ve thought that you could actually have a picnic inside the mall? With Clawdaddy’s, it’s possible. I truly enjoyed everything served on our table. Thanks Clawdaddy’s for the sumptuous seafood treat and to Ms. Ria for the invite.

Clawdaddy’s Great American Picnic is located at the ground floor of SM Lanang Premier, near the fountain court entrance, beside Sumo Sam Legacy

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  1. Is he the Paul Garcia who's also the owner of Bali-Bali Resort? i remember having my first try of imbao soup at their resort. I never knew that such shell could taste so good! :))


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