Puto Bumbong : A Well Loved Filipino Delicacy

Puto Bumbong is a traditional Filipino delicacy often sold during Simbang Gabi (dawn mass). My first taste of it was back in college when I was still a chorister. I remember singing for the dawn mass, eyes half-open, dress slightly crumpled, and my brain still left in dreamland. After the mass, we would head over to the line of stalls situated outside the church where vendors are selling various kakanin. I would always head straight to whoever sells Puto Bumbong.
Now that I have temporarily taken down my chorister hat, it became almost impossible for me to even get a whiff of those freshly cooked puto in bamboo tubes. Not until I discovered this kiosk at Nccc Mall that sells these purple-colored sweet delicacy all year round.
Nccc Mall Food Court
Puto Bumbong is made out of glutinous rice called “Pirurutong”, which has a distinct purple color. The rice is soaked in salted water, dried overnight, and poured into bamboo tubes (bumbong), and then steamed until white smoke rises out from the tubes. It is often served with butter/margarine and shredded coconut mixed with sugar. 
Eden’s Puto Bumbong – 25php
I was really happy when I discovered Eden’s some time last year. Their version of Puto Bumbong is quite unique and really delectable, which is why, my family and I would often drop by at Nccc Mall after going to church, just for this. I love that  it has a lot of butter spread all over it. I also like that they added a twist by pouring in generous amounts of rice krispies and sesame seeds. It adds texture to every bite, which I love. They also use brown, unrefined sugar to add a distinct, succulent taste to the puto.  The good thing about Eden’s is that, even if they are situated inside a mall, they still cook the traditional way. The best part is, it only cost 25php for two rolls. Winner!
Do note that Eden’s Puto Bumbong usually comes with grated coconut, however, at the time that I decided to  document my dining, they run out of the thing. I guess that’s one minor fall back. But nonetheless, I know for sure that I will keep coming back for it, especially now that it’s almost Christmas.

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