For the Love of Shakey’s

Yuan and I have been quite experimental with our food trips these past few months. Once and for all, we decided that spending our weekend dates cannot just survive on potato chips and movies anymore. Now, we dine and watch movies twice a week. We’re getting fat and getting broke together. Yep, that is love! LOL!
One of the many Davao restaurants that we frequently visit is Shakey’s, Gmall branch. I know this pizza parlor is already an institution but it’s only this year that I managed to explore their menu. Here are some photos from our recent dining adventure:

Classic Spaghetti
I’m not a fan of their spaghetti because it’s purely Italian based and I have quite a fixation over sweet, Filipino-style pasta. But what I like about Shakey’s Classic Spaghetti is that the sauce is poured generously over the al dente pasta. There’s a lot of fresh tomato going on in here, which I believe would be really appealing for someone who loves tomatoes. Notice how there’s little to no cheese on top? Yep, very Italian.
My favorite Shakey’s Pizza is Manager’s Choice (thin crust). This is what I usually order because I like my pizza with a crowd of toppings. This one in particular is topped with pepperoni, beef, button mushroom, green bell pepper, white onion, and mozzarella cheese. I love how everything compliment each other in every bite. Mouth-watering is the operative word to best describe this.  It taste really good, I’m craving for it as I type.
Shakey’s Hero Sandwich – 114php
When I’m not in the mood for pizza, I hover to their selection of sandwiches. One that I really love is the Hero Sandwich. I’m not sure what’s the meat stuffed inside –  it’s either pepperoni or ham – but it’s really good. It also has some tomatoes, lettuce, and olives inside which makes this dish healthy. Perhaps, my only concern is that, I wish the bread was more soft and less crunchy. None the less, this is something that I would highly recommend if you are looking for a mouthful sandwich to satisfy your hunger. This combo comes with fries,  so you get the value of what you pay for.
This fries came with the Hero Sandwhich. There’s nothing special with it, actually. But as I mentioned a couple of times in this blog, I like my potatoes fresh and subtly seasoned with salt. The less complicated, the better. It comes with a mayo dip. Honestly, I prefer this over mojos.
Out of all the many buttered chicken recipes I’ve tasted in several food chains and restos, so far, this one tops. I like that the batter is flavorful and not too thick. The skin is crunchy and less greasy, which I consider a plus points. It also has a nice golden brown color that’s quite appealing, at least for me. I have an issue with the appearance of my food.
Shakey’s Gaisano Mall Davao
And there you have it! Seriously, I am starting to get addicted to Shakey’s. I haven’t fully explored their menu yet, but I guess it’s safe to say that I love everything I have tried, sans the spaghetti. No wonder they have been in the industry for years!
How about you? What’s your Shakey’s Pizza favorite?

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