Foodgasm at Tiny Kitchen

As mentioned in my previous post, I attended the Krispy Kreme Pre-launch last night held at Tiny Kitchen, a Spanish Restaurant located along F.Torres Street, Davao City. I would’ve wanted to write a review for these honest-to-goodness dishes, but sadly, I’m afraid my review won’t give justice since we were having dinner simultaneously while the meeting was on-going. I didn’t pay attention to the food. Forgive me also if I can’t provide the names of the dishes. Told ya, I wasn’t really focused on the food, but I do hope this post will give you an idea on what to expect at Tiny Kitchen.
On a different light, I also wanted to road test my new camera and see if it will still give me decent photos to support my food blog (I’m a food blogger wannabe, if that isn’t too obvious yet). For months, I have been using Yuan’s Canon IXUS 210 and I was happy with the quality of photos it gave me. There was a reason why his cam stayed with me for so many months, and even though I have the slightest right to own it, still I had to give it to him when he needed it. This was the reason why I bought a new camera out of impulse two days ago.
I had a few events scheduled ahead of me then and I could not imagine how I’ll survive these events without a cam. So yes, I picked the most decent one that fits the bill, which happens to be Canon Powershot A3300 IS. It felt good to finally have my own camera for my blogging needs, however, I was really worried that it won’t give me the quality that IXUS spoiled me with. I snapped a couple of food photos last night:

Tiny Kitchen’s famous Paella
When I transferred these photos on my laptop, I was literally giddy since the photos are really great  –  clean and crisp, just the way I like it. I cross-processed these on photoshop though – adjusted the levels, sharpened the edges a little bit, added watermark – but still, you know what they say about crappy photos from crappy cameras? No amount of photoshop can make them look decent. I’m glad that my new camera (which I named Juno, by the way) did not disappoint. I’m a happy girl! 🙂

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