Grab A Crab with Love

Yesterday, Yuan and I celebrated out 6th year together. I was supposed to attend a Max’s Bloggers event last night, thinking that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate due to busyness and stuff. But thank God, He made our simple dinner date possible. Oh how time flies. I could still remember those days when we were still these clingy youngsters with raging hormones. Ew, right? Now we just bully each other around.

Yuan: Pag gym na oi. (You need to start going to the gym!)
Me: Yeah! Pero kalaki ng tiyan mo, mag-jogging ka nga! (Yeah, but hey, your stomach is getting bigger, you should start jogging)

LOL! Anyway, enough of that.

We decided to dine at Grab-A-Crab at SM Davao Annex. Aside from our common love for music,(shameless plug: He’s a professional pianist/music teacher. Hire him if you want to learn how to work them piano keys.) we also both love seafood, and coincidentally, we both have Cancer as our zodiac sign. So yeah, we’ve been meaning to have an all out seafood trip, and yesterday was just the perfect time.

Mixed Seafood Soup 180php

He ordered Mixed Seafood Soup, which is made of different kinds of shellfish. There’s clams, mussels, and other types of shellfish in it. It’s a simple seafood soup that reminded me of my mother’s home cooking. It has a dash of spice, which I like since it neutralizes the strong flavor of the shellfish. Sorry I don’t have a photo of the entire bowl, but it was huge. We weren’t able to finish it. Two thumbs up for this!

King Crabs in Spicy Schezuan Sauce – 99/100gb ms | The one we got cost more or less 800php
He let me choose what crab recipe to order. There were quite a few to choose from, but I settled for King Crabs in Spicy Schezuan Sauce. Honestly, I didn’t know what to order since it was my first time to dine at Grab-A-Crab. I just picked the one with the most interesting name. Hah! Anyway, This particular dish is on the spicy side, as suggested by the name. The sauce tasted really good, however, it was too savory that it overpowered the crab meat. I could barely taste the crab. Personally, I like my crab to be straightforward; steamed, no sauce. I would’ve went for that, but sadly, all the crab recipe in the menu had sauce. If you love spicy food, you will like this particular dish.
Let me just point out that I appreciate how they serve really fresh crabs. The wait staff let us choose the size and the gender (Yes, gender!) of our crab. A tip: choose a girl crab as it has more crab fat. I know it was fresh  because when the waiter showed us the crab that he got for us, its claws were still moving, as if waiting to attack us! LOL!
Anyway, I would say that the dining experience was still great, despite my disappointment on the crab. The ambiance was cozy and the staff were very accommodating.  Plus, there weren’t too many people when we dined, there so it was like we had the entire place for ourselves. On the downside, I might not come back here because 1.) Their crabs are downright expensive. I know of quite a few crab restaurants here in Davao that serves unlimited crabs for only 350php, more or less, and  2.) I’m not satisfied with their selection of crab recipes.
6 years of love and war! =p
Do visit them at SM Davao Annex and Abreeza Mall.
How about you? Have you tried Grab-A-Crab yet?

Share your thoughts! :)

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