Going Korean With BonChon Chicken

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I went to visit BonChon Chicken at SM Davao Annex. I’ve read bad reviews about it, but like a curious cat, I tried it anyway. For this particular visit, we skipped rice because it was around 3pm. We weren’t in the mood for some heavy meal at that time.

Here’s what we got:

We sampled their Soy Garlic Chicken Sandwhich with Fries (125php). The serving isn’t too big, but my sister and I just shared the serving since we weren’t really hungry. I did not expect much due to the reviews I’ve read, but to my surprise, it’s actually not that bad. I understand why some people (Filipinos) say it’s not good, because well, the chicken is cooked the Korean way. Naturally, there needs to be some adjustment to something that is not our own. Anyway, for me, I liked the soy garlic chicken. It’s way better than Chicken Charlie . It’s not too savory, but I appreciate that the chicken patty is crispy outside and soft inside, not to mention generous amount per serving. I also like that the bread used for this particular sandwich is wheat bread. What’s healthy mommy?

The fries was exactly what a potato fries should be, at least for me. I prefer potato fries that does not taste commercial (Jobee and McDo). BonChon Fries (45php) taste fresh, with subtle saltiness. I like it that way because you get to appreciate the taste of real potato better.

It was my first time to try Mogu-Mogu (45php). I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and now I understand why. It’s made with real grape juice with nata de coco, which makes the drink truly interesting and delicious. Again, I appreciate anything that taste authentic rather than commercial, and mogu-mogu did not disappoint. It’s a new favorite of mine.

Overall, I think BonChon Chicken is just misunderstood. Some also say that it’s overpriced, but I think it’s just right, considering that this isn’t a Filo food chain after all. I’m not a fan of food chain meals, but I’m giving BonChon an exception. That’s just me though. It could be different for you. Anyway, if you have tried BonChon Chicken, I’d like to hear your opinions. Did you like it? Or Did you not? Share! =)

13 thoughts on “Going Korean With BonChon Chicken

  1. sa bonchon din itong mogu-mogu? been looking for that here in Davao.. sa 7-11, tag 18 lang yan ata. hehehe. grabe makapatong ang bonchon. LOL!

    i like bonchon. kaya lang when I tried their squid bowl (forgot the exact name) ngka-allergy ako. hehehe.


  2. Yup, sa BonChon din yung Mogu-Mogu. Really 18 lang siya? Malaki nga patong nila, cguro kasi it's not widely sold on Supermarkets. Taking advantage masyado. 🙂


  3. I wanna try their meals talaga kasi I've heard or read some reviews na di raw masarap but with your case, I wanna try their food. Say, what can you recommend for the first timers (like me) to eat? Kasi I might try their food anytime..

    Thanks! 😀


  4. I <3 Bon Chon! :)

    Great post Julz. May pyutyur ka as a food blogger. See you this Sunday. 😉

    PS May Mogu-Mogu sa Robinson's Supermarket and sa SM Supermarket din yata pero pa-chamba chamba ang availability.


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