Going Korean With BonChon Chicken

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I went to visit BonChon Chicken at SM Davao Annex. I’ve read bad reviews about it, but like a curious cat, I tried it anyway. For this particular visit, we skipped rice because it was around 3pm. We weren’t in the mood for some heavy meal at that time.

Here’s what we got:

We sampled their Soy Garlic Chicken Sandwhich with Fries (125php). The serving isn’t too big, but my sister and I just shared the serving since we weren’t really hungry. I did not expect much due to the reviews I’ve read, but to my surprise, it’s actually not that bad. I understand why some people (Filipinos) say it’s not good, because well, the chicken is cooked the Korean way. Naturally, there needs to be some adjustment to something that is not our own. Anyway, for me, I liked the soy garlic chicken. It’s way better than Chicken Charlie . It’s not too savory, but I appreciate that the chicken patty is crispy outside and soft inside, not to mention generous amount per serving. I also like that the bread used for this particular sandwich is wheat bread. What’s healthy mommy?

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