Chicken Charlie

Who’s Charlie? Does anyone know him? Well, I don’t!Anyway, I got to try Chicken Charlie a few weeks ago. I’ve heard that it’s comparable to Bon Chon Chicken but for a fraction of a price. I haven’t tried Bon Chon yet, (but soon I will), so I can’t do a comparison. But what I can say is that, dining at Chicken Charlie gives you the value of what you pay for.

1-pc drumstick w/drinks – 79php (If my memory serves me right)

It was my first time to dine at Chicken Charlie and I was so glad that their meals are very affordable. I did not expect much though, as I know good food comes with a price…and I was right. The presentation was quite simple. It’s a straight forward hey-I’m-a-food-chain meal. I can’t really complain though as it only cost me less than a hundred. But presentation aside, I love that the chicken is juicy and savory. The skin is not crispy, but I like that it absorbed the condiments very well. It’s nothing really special, though you do get a decent meal. In fact, if you’re hungry, you won’t mind ordering another cup of rice. Personally, I prefer soy garlic over buttered recipes (Jollibee chicken joy), so yes, this meal pleased my palate.

Potato Fries – 45php

You know those frozen french fries sold at the supermarket? That’s exactly how these potato fries taste like. It reminds me of my teenage life in Nueva Ecija when my sisters and I would cook these frozen fries during weekends and watch VHS (yep, vintage!). It’s actually good.

Honestly, I did enjoy this meal. It reminded me so much of my High School days when people think you’re rich because you’re eating fried chicken during lunch. Hah!  I won’t mind going back here.