Figaro Coffee Company

Figaro has been around Davao for years now and they do have a lot of branches scattered around the metro. It isn’t my go-to coffee shop, so I haven’t fully explored their menu. Anyway, Yuan and I went to Gmall last Saturday to watch The Campaign. While waiting for the screening, we decided to grab some hot fix at Figaro, which was located at The Peak.Yuan’s Picks:

Strawberry Milkshake
I’m not sure if most guys love strawberry, but I do know that my boyfriend loves anything strawberry. In fact, he loves it more than I do! He tried Figaro’s version of Strawberry Milkshake. I took a sip and unfortunately, I did not like it. IMO, it’s not creamy enough to pass up for a milkshake. It lacks big time on the dairy part.
Grilled Chicken Sandwhich
We had full meals instead of desserts because we were dead hungry at that time. He ordered Grilled Chicken Sandwhich. I like the intricate presentation of the sandwhich, however, I was taken aback when I saw the green herbs in between the bread. Could you see it? I’m not really fond of herb spices. Surprisingly, the taste was subtle. In fact, the herbs were overpowered by the cheese and generous serving of grilled chicken. The dressing of the green salad was also pretty delish!
My Picks:

White Chocolate Mocha

Since it was raining, I figured it was the best time to put the frappes to rest and grab something fitting for the weather. I got the White Chocolate mocha since I wanted something that has lesser coffee. Gotta love the presentation of this, too. It still taste like coffee mocha, but with a creamy addition of white chocolate.

Classic Pizza

For my meal, I settled for Classic Pizza (Solo). Again, I pursed my lips when I saw the herbs! Thank goodness for the amount of cheese, pepperoni, and sweet onion, the herbs were barely noticeable. I actually loved it! I finished this whole 10-inch pizza all by myself! Don’t judge! =p

Sorry I don’t have the prices, as I wasn’t able to take note of them. But for your reference, the beverages costs around 90php-150php, while the meals costs 180php-250php.

Share your thoughts! :)

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