Cafe France: Revisited

When Cafe France launched their first ever branch outside Metro Manila (read about the event HERE), they gave the attendees a 500-peso worth of Gift Certificate as part of the press kit. I revisited the cafe a few weeks ago with my boyfriend and my sister to maximize what the GC could offer.

Roasted Chicken with Macaroni Salad; Ala Carte 175php, with coke 205php

Yuan ordered Roasted Chicken with Macaroni Salad as per my recommendation (hah!). I wanted to try it actually during the Cafe France Media Brunch  but I wasn’t able to because I wasn’t really in the mood for rice at that time. Anyway, I had a bite of the roasted chicken. It’s soft, juicy, and flavorful. It has a subtle touch of sweetness. Some people may not like sweet tasting chicken, but I do like it though. This is something you should try. Meanwhile, the Macaroni Salad tasted a little bland for my liking. Though I understood that it was to balance the savory taste of the roasted chicken.

Premier Clubhouse; Half 105php
My sister and I opted to have Premier Clubhouse. As you can see on the photo above, it has equal portions of egg, smoked ham and bacon, and lettuce. I loved the smoked ham and bacon simply because I’m a sucker for breakfast food. The size of the sandwich was pretty overwhelming even though it’s just half a serving. I doubt if I can finish a whole clubhouse.
Mini Blueberry Swirl and Mini Apple Swirl; 27php
I wanted to try their Fruit Tarts, unfortunately, it wasn’t available yet at that time. I settled for the Mini Blueberry Swirl and Mini Apple Swirl instead. It’s nothing really special but I do like that the blueberry does not taste commercial “a.k.a” fake, you know what I mean? It’s real blueberry goodness stuffed inside a  freshly baked bread that’s crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside.
Meet your Sugar Foodie! LOL!

And that’s it. Do visit Cafe France at:

– 2F Manila Bulletin Bldg, Rizal Street, Davao City
– The Peak, Gmall, Davao City

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