I’m so glad Davao is fast becoming a cosmopolitan city. What with all the new malls, condominiums, and IT parks sprouting everywhere, my beloved city has nowhere else to go but up. Speaking of new malls, SM Davao recently opened their Annex building to the public, and with it came new restaurants to impress Davaoeno’s palates. One of them is SumoSam.

I had the chance to try it the other day when my sister and I got tired from walking and walking around the mall. No, actually we weren’t tired, we were just looking for a reason to dine at SumoSam since we’ve been eyeing on it since its soft opening at SM Davao Annex a few weeks ago. Read More »

Chippens Davao Buffet

Contrary to popular freelancing belief, I am not an independent freelancer. I do belong to a team of web programmers, coiled under one company. The only thing that makes us different from most outsourcing companies is that, we don’t have a physical office space. Now I doubt if I could still categorize myself as “freelancer”. *random thoughts*Anyway, Every end of the month, our team would meet-up, dine out, and get our month’s worth of hard work. Last night, we decided to indulge to a feast of gastronomic treats. We headed all the way to Roxas Avenue and dined at Chippens Davao Buffet.

Chippens is not new to me and I can still remember the very first time I had a taste of their orgasmic chocolate moist cake. It was one of the best tasting chocolate cakes I’ve ever had. I was a freshmen college then. Our school is just a few walks away from Chippens, so you could just imagine!

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