Hollywood Burgers: The American Diner

These past few months, there has been an infestation of new food places around the metro, what with all the new malls and mall expansions to boot. Hollywood Burgers is one of the newcomers and it’s set to give the people of Davao an authentic American Diner experience.

I got to try it last Sunday with Yuan. When I entered the place, I immediately thought of classic American Diners, where waitresses are wearing tight fitting mini-skirts and roller blades. Hollywood Burgers does not have girls on wheels, but their waitresses sure do wear extra mini skirts (with stockings, of course). Plus, the set-up is truly Americanized, if you wanna call it that way. Anyway, the place was pretty congested when we got there, but we were too tired to even bother looking for another place.

The menu was pretty interesting as they carry the names of major Hollywood Celebrities. I wanted to get the Arnold Schwarzenegger giant burger, but I realized it’s too big for Yuan and I to consume. We settled for the Hollywood Regular Burger and Hollywood Premier Burger, which basically is the same, except that the premier does not have tomatoes in it.


Hollywood Premier Burger (105php, if my memory serves me right)


It looks pretty small on the picture, but it’s actually big for a regular-sized burger. It’s a tad bit larger than Jollibee’s Regular Yum. Plus, the patty is really huge. It scared me actually. I feared that my mouth won’t accommodate a bite, I had to use a knife and fork. I know right? Anyway, I’d describe this burger in one word : SINFUL! The burger patty is cholesterol in the flesh with a good punch of MSG. Oh yes, I can feel the msg in my head, it made me dizzy! But to suffice to say, it’s truly savory and bursting with pure grilled burger goodness! It’s comparable to Space Burger, only thicker patties.

Now, I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have to admit that Yuan and I had a not-so-good dining experience. Let’s take aside the food, as I really have no complaints with it. What really got my ears ringing was the customer service. For one, the two (regular-sized) burgers arrived after 30 minutes (I couldn’t imagine how long it would take for the Arnold giant burger). I told myself it was forgivable since the place was jam-packed and all. But what really pissed me off is how our milkshake arrived 1 hour later. We’ve already consumed our burgers and still no milkshake. Can you imagine? I don’t wanna sound mean, but are they telling me that preparing milkshake takes longer than cooking a one-inch burger patty? I don’t think so. What’s worse is that the group of people sitting right next to us –who arrived 20 minutes after we came in – had their milkshake first before we did. How’d that happen? I was so busy getting bummed out that I forgot to take photos of our strawberry and vanilla milkshake. Hah!

I understand that they are still on their initial phase of operations and that they are still probably figuring out the loops and folds of running their business. However, I hope they realize that they have a lot of competitors, especially because they are situated inside G-Mall. They are not the only new food place inside the mall, so a customer service comparison with the other newcomers is inevitable.

I’m not sure yet if I want to go back. I’m not closing my doors though, but definitely not coming back anytime soon.

Anyway, here’s Yuan. Check out the “American Diner” feel of the background! =)

And here I am all bummed out! Hah! Also, it’s been months since I last wore a pair of jeans and can I just say? It felt super itchy the whole time! Must be the heat, or my hormones, or my major kaartehan! LOL!

Have you tried Hollywood Burgers yet? Care to share your experience?


3 thoughts on “Hollywood Burgers: The American Diner

  1. good food but customer service is below par and sucks big time!! We had a similar experience with the delayed drinks and fries, considering we requested our drinks to be served first (san mig light and lemon ice tea) as we were very thirsty and it still took 25mins to arrive and i noticed that people arriving later were getting their fries and drinks immediately. I requested a high chair for my baby and they offered it to the others who arrived after us. I complained and it fell on deaf ears and they even have a sheepish laugh when i asked for their manager for a feedback awho was conveniently not around. I personally do not recommend this place. Horrible customer service!! If they are new in business they should check other successful restaurants who treat their customers well, coz at the end of the day its the total dinining experience that matters. So dont waste your time, and check other burger places in Davao.


  2. Hi Astral, Sorry to hear your bad experience. They totally blew their customer service, but I am hoping that they'd be better. Giving it a year or so. Hopefully, by that time, they would have improved already.


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