Hollywood Burgers: The American Diner

These past few months, there has been an infestation of new food places around the metro, what with all the new malls and mall expansions to boot. Hollywood Burgers is one of the newcomers and it’s set to give the people of Davao an authentic American Diner experience.

I got to try it last Sunday with Yuan. When I entered the place, I immediately thought of classic American Diners, where waitresses are wearing tight fitting mini-skirts and roller blades. Hollywood Burgers does not have girls on wheels, but their waitresses sure do wear extra mini skirts (with stockings, of course). Plus, the set-up is truly Americanized, if you wanna call it that way. Anyway, the place was pretty congested when we got there, but we were too tired to even bother looking for another place. Read More »