Cafe France: More Than Just A Coffee Shop

I was having a terrible toothache yesterday, but that did not stop me from attending the Cafe France Media Brunch. I’ve been stalking their website for days since I got the invitation from the Davao Bloggers. So yes, I cannot not go.

Cafe France has been around for years, but it is their first time to venture on a branch outside of Luzon. They are set to capture the hearts of Davaoeños with their opening of stores at the Manila Bulletin Bldg. Rizal Street, and at The Peak  and Upper Ground Floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao.
Cafe France is more than your usual coffee shop“, says Enya Baltazar, CF’s Business Head. “We go further by providing not only a place for a coffeebreak, but a hangout where people can relax, spend time with friends and family over good food any time of day“.

Cafe France offers fresh and healthy food choices that are prepared only as ordered, so you can guarantee a hot-from-the-pan dining experience. Below are some French gastronomic treats offered by CF. 

I got to try their Seafood Marinara! It’s Love! =)
Meet Kim, my choirmate and fellow Davao Blogger! =)
The Marketing Team

The first Cafe France branch (Manila Bulletin Bldg, Rizal Street) opens today August 16, 2012. Just in time for the Kadayawan Festival!
For more information visit:
Website: http://cafefrance.netFacebook :
C U at CF!! 
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6 thoughts on “Cafe France: More Than Just A Coffee Shop

  1. I remember when it was called delifrance before, I love their marinara pasta and the clubhouse sandwich 🙂 I think I'm gonnag go and visit cafefrance this week 😉 thanks for this 🙂


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