I’m so glad Davao is fast becoming a cosmopolitan city. What with all the new malls, condominiums, and IT parks sprouting everywhere, my beloved city has nowhere else to go but up. Speaking of new malls, SM Davao recently opened their Annex building to the public, and with it came new restaurants to impress Davaoeno’s palates. One of them is SumoSam.

I had the chance to try it the other day when my sister and I got tired from walking and walking around the mall. No, actually we weren’t tired, we were just looking for a reason to dine at SumoSam since we’ve been eyeing on it since its soft opening at SM Davao Annex a few weeks ago.

The place was rather small, but quite cozy. We’re lucky it wasn’t crowded when we got there. Now, choosing what to order took a little longer than usual because 1.) There were a lot of dishes to choose from and 2.) I’m not quite a fan of Japanese food (so why did you even try, Julie?). Since we just wanted some light snacks, we decided to have:

New York Fried Maki – 278php

This Maki roll is stuffed with cucumber, mangoes, and salmon. I don’t really indulge much on sushi, but I would say this actually taste great as opposed to some of the other sushi I’ve tried before. This one tops, if I may say so. Although I wish the stuffing were more generous, especially the salmon, which I barely noticed.  Careful with the hot chili sauce though, as it’s really very spicy.But overall, I find that this is something that I will look forward to eating again in the future. New York Fried Maki costs 278php for six pieces of sushi.

Bacon Wrapped Dory – 149 php (3 pieces)

The Bacon Wrapped Dory was a surefire winner. It’s bursting with flavors and I never imagined bacon and fish could go well together. The fish was cooked to perfection, plus it’s a given fact that everybody loves bacon! The sauce was a tad sweet, but I like it as it is. I loved it and I am currently drooling over it as I type this. I also ordered Mango Yogurt Milk Tea (75php), which is kind of a disappointment. It tasted rather bland and there’s nothing in it that blew me away. I mean, I drink 360 Hand Shaked Milk Tea every so often, and all the flavors wowed me! Sumo Sam’s Milk Tea would’ve done better. The menu is rather expensive, but I guess, they hold the right to put their name on the price. I had a great dining experience sans the milk tea. A return visit is already scheduled with Yuan, who is a forever advocate of Japanese food! =) Now here are some vanity shots of the Japanese Foodie Wannabes!

Waiting for the food!
On the phone with Yuan. P.S: Don’t mind my wrong usage of chopsticks! =p
Ayun oh?!!

Tried Sumo Sam yet? How was it?

Share your thoughts! :)

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